6 DEC 2022

Franco di Sarro: "We produce and select Art and Culture titles that tell unique stories"

Nexo Digital CEO explains why the variety catalog of the boutique distributor can be attractive for public broadcasters, Pay TV companies and OTT channels and highlight their latest launches.


Rosella Gioffré and Franco di Sarro


Nexo Digital is a boutique distributor with a vast and variety catalog of Art and Culture History, Sport legends, Inspirational and Music. The documentaries are first exploited in cinemas and then through public broadcasters, pay TV companies and digital platforms. "We produce and select content that tells unique stories but with a brand attached: Venice is a brand, Pompeii is a brand, and the Queen is an icon. They have a universal appeal” said Franco di Sarro, CEO and Founder of Nexo Digital.

One of the highlighted titles the company was presenting to the global market at MIPCOM is "Portrait Of The Queen", based on Paola Calvetti best-selling book “Elisabetta II: Ritratto di regina”. "We took the story and adapted it to the big screen", said di Sarro. Produced by Nexo Digital and Rai Cinema, and directed by Fabrizio Ferri, this unique documentary tells the story of Elizabeth II spanning through seven decades, seen through the lenses of the world’s greatest photographers as they created an iconographic image that remains unique. The film will be on the big screen in the US from 30 Nov with more than 500 cinemas on board.

From its documentary slate, Nexo Digital is also offering: "Munch – Love Ghosts and Lady-Vampires" starring Ingrid BolsøBerdal ("Westworld") and directed by Michele Mally. "We did this film in collaboration with the Oslo Museum in Oslo city", commented the executive; "Pompeii – Sin City", directed by Pappi Corsicato; and "Venice. Infinitely Avant-Garde", directed by Michele Mally. "The production values of these documentaries is always very high.The concept is to bring these stories to life for broader audiences,” he said.

From ART to Ancient Egypt, Nexo Digital has produced several relevant docs such as "Tutankhamun. The Last Exhibition" narrated by Iggy Pop and the new 3x52’series "Once Upon A Time In Egypt. The Heritage of The Pharaohs". The distributor is also pre-selling the film "Jeff Koons INC."directed by Pappi Corsicato. "It's a unique insight in to Jeff Koons, from the beginning of his career to him becoming a pop icon", said Nexo Digital CEO.

On its history slate, Nexo Digital includes the film "Mussolini’s Legacy: Yesterday’s Propaganda and Today’s Fake News" which is related to how Mussolini was promoting himself and how he faked the news, "Caruso – The Voice. The Birth Of Recorded Music" as well as "We Afghan Women", directed by Sabina Fedeli and Anna Migotto. “Our films – 4k native, are theatrically distributed in over 60 countries and then exploited by public broadcasters, Pay TV companies and OTT channels worldwide,” he concluded.