27 APR 2022

Veronique Commelin: "Ancient Egypt is always very appealing for the global market"

The Head of International Sales at Nexo Digital describes the new history series “Once Upon A Time In Egypt. The Heritage of The Pharaohs” and put the focus on their new Art titles.


Veronique Commelin, Head of International Sales at Nexo Digital


From the same producers (Laboratoriorosso and Nexo Digital) and director (Ernesto Pagano ) of "Tutankhamun. The Last Exhibition", release in more than 40 countries starting in Italy from May 9th, Italy's Nexo Digital is promoting the new History title "Once Upon A Time in Egypt. The Heritage of The Pharaohs", a five episode series that will be launched for MIPCOM 2022. "Ancient Egypt is always very appealing for the international market, it is a timeless subject, said Veronique Commelin, Head of International Sales.

“Once Upon a Time in Egypt. The Heritage of The Pharaohs” tells the story of Ancient Egypt seen through the eyes of the Ancient Egyptians. It does so by re-adapting myths, stories and legends from the literary heritage of the people of the Nile. Compelling stories that take shape on 6k footage showing the most important, spectacular sites in Ancient Egypt. This cinematic material is combined with ultra-high-resolution photographs of paintings, engravings and jewelry which, by using 2D and 3D animation techniques, will create the highly evocative ‘illustrated pages’ of a narrative journey that puts the viewer in direct contact with the imagination of the Egyptians and their way of looking at the world.

"We would like to have storytelling not too expert driven, but more visual and more immersive and that appeals to large audiences. Ancient Egypt is always family friendly content and there is always something new to learn about the civilization, she expressed.

Nexo Digital is also enriching its ART division with new big biographies such as “Raphael The Young Prodigy” and “Botticelli, Florence and The Medici”. Produced by Sky Arts with Nexo Digital and Ballandi, the documentary film about Raphael enables audiences to discover the most significant cities and places in the life and times of one of the Renaissance master, while the second film produced by Sky Arts with Nexo Digital too, shows the outset of Botticelli career under the wing of the Medici family till the moment he asserted himself as the inventor of an ideal Beauty, which found its maximum expression in works such as "The Allegory of Spring" and the "Birth of Venus."

Veronique Commelin also highlighted another significant new title "We Afghan Women" produced by 3D Produzioni and their new Sport title “The Natural. Marco Pantani” produced by Okta Film with Rai Cinema. The first, directed by Sabina Fedeli and Anna Migotto ("Anne.Frank Parallel Stories" sold to Netflix) tells the story of eight Afghan woman who escaped from Afghanistan last summer. Those women have founded refuge in different European. Their stories and the footage shot by some of them – for the most part previously unreleased – have become a documentary film where emotions, thoughts and memories resurface, also using animated drawings: a succession of touching images accompanying the stories told by the protagonists. The second tells the story, from the inside, of the legendary cyclist racer Marco Pantani and has been sold to UK&Eire, Spain and Belgium.

                                                                                                                                                                                           By Romina Rodríguez