Franco di Sarro, Nexo Digital CEO and founder expressed his desire to overcome the coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible and to meet his clients in international markets and that people return to theaters.


Italy is one of the countries most affected by the expansion of the coronavirus, with severe restrictions that do not allow the population, among other things, to go to the theaters. “We have a wish: to return as soon as possible to meet our interlocutors in trade fairs and international markets and our audience returns to the theaters. It will be a great party and, we are sure, we will be able to appreciate it more than ever,” expressed Franco di Sarro, Nexo Digital CEO and founder to Señal News.

Italy-based, Nexo Digital is a leading player in the international sales of cinema events with a focus on history and art documentaries, 4k films which redefine the standards of portraying Art and narrating History giving an immersive, unprecedented viewing experience. “We exploit title rights in all territories and for all windows: Theatrical, Video, TV, Ancillary and Digital Rights - millions of tickets sold in cinemas in over 60 territories to date,", said the executive. 

Since 2017, Nexo Digital has also been producing cinematic documentaries with important partners like The Hermitage, The Prado, The Vatican Museums, The Uffizi Gallery -prestigious museums, important exhibitions - stories narrated by Oscar winners such as Jeremy Irons and Helen Mirren. Together with history and art documentaries, our line-up includes sport & legends. "Nexo Digital is the most important cinema event producer and distributor in Italy,” asserted di Sarro.


Between the new history titles presented by the company are the TV series "Stolen Beauty the Nazi Obsession for Art" (3 episodes 3x52’); "Freud 2.0"; "#Anne Frank. Parallel Stories", starring Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren and "Maria Montessori. The Visionary Educator".

In Arts & Culture genre, Nexo Digital presents "The Prado Museum. A Collection of Wonders"; "Frida. Viva La Vida"; "Hermitage. Power of Art"; "Tintoretto. A Rebel in Venice"; "Gauguin, Paradise Lost"; "The Water Lilies by Monet"; "Klimt & Schiele. Eros and Psyche"; "Hitler Vs Picasso and the others"; "Caravaggio. The soul and the Blood"; "Van Gogh. Of wheat fields and clouded skies"; "The Spirit of Painting. Cai Guo-Qiang at The Prado Museum"; "Raphael – The Lord of The Arts; "Florence and the Uffizi Gallery"; "Behind the Portrait: The Italian Treasures from Accademia Carrara"; "Segantini – Back to Nature";  "St. Peter’s and The Papal Basilicas of Rome" and "Botticelli – Inferno".

Also in Sport & Legends genre, the Italian company shows "1968 Sport & Revolution", "Pele’ - The Last Show" and "Ferrari 312b".


The executive affirmed that they rely heavily on the variety and quality of Nexo Digital content. “We certainly have an important focus on art and culture, a sector for which we are a true reference boutique for production and distribution. We also particularly care about our sports and historical content”.

“At theatrical level, our target is from time to time 60 countries of reference with which we collaborate on a regular basis. In the field of TV and platforms, we turn instead to international broadcasters, including of course Amazon and Netflix,” commented.


Nexo Digital has decided to develop its first Virtual Showcase & Meetings in order to present its doc products to buyers despite the cancellation of MIPTV. The digital event will take place from March 30th April 5th.

The new initiative will allow all sector operators (television broadcasters and digital platforms) to preview the titles on Nexo Digital’s new catalogue, and as a result, fix appointments with Head of Sales, Veronique Commelin from 6th to 9th April.

By Romina Rodríguez