MIA Market 2021: Roma Lazio Film Commission promotes the region to global attendants

Roma Lazio Film Commission renews its presence at MIA - International Audiovisual Market with diverse initiatives aimed at operators in the audiovisual sector.

15 OCT 2021

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Roma Lazio Film Commission is attending MIA - International Audiovisual Market to promote the resources of the Lazio area, meet national and international operators for the development of co-production and to promote regional tools to support the sector, Lazio Cinema International and Regional Audiovisual Fund.

Rome Lazio Film Commission renews its presence at MIA - International Audiovisual Market (13-17 October) with initiatives aimed at operators in the audiovisual sector, within the Lazio Region space at Palazzo Barberini.

Roma Lazio Film Commission, at the Presidency of the National Coordination of Italian Film Commissions IFC Italian Film Commissions, will also be present at the IFC STAND in Palazzo Barberini. to meet operators and to promote local locations and audiovisual resources.

Among the initiatives in collaboration with the Cinema Office of the Lazio Region and the MIA, Roma Lazio Film Commission participates in "Subject Civita - New stories and new ideas for Civita in the audiovisual" on 17 October 2021, in which the participants of the MIA of the New Generation section and the pitching initiative "From the word to the screen" will meet Sergio Manfio from Gruppo Alcuni in a Masterclass on animation and creativity, and will visit the territory to collect inspiration and suggestions to participate in the contest of innovative stories about Civita, in the context of initiatives to support Civita's candidacy for UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage Landscape.

On 16 October at 6.00 pm in the MIA awards ceremony, the Lazio Frames prize of the Lazio Region will be awarded to a work present in the sections of MIA - What's next Italy, Greenlit and Italians doc it better - whose content, production impact, possible international developments and the involvement of local resources can best represent the productive potential of Lazio, highlighting the talents and locations of the territory.