MIPCOM 2023: Autentic Distribution revelas 90 hours of new factual content

The new line-up includes more than 30 hours of history and science productions, blue-chip wildlife programmes, and current affairs and environmental titles.

29 SEP 2023

"Blood, Sweat & Greens: The Exploitation of Europe's Harvest Workers"

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Autentic Distribution is gearing up for MIPCOM with an impressive fall/winter line-up. This includes over 90 hours of fresh factual content across all genres. Autentic Distribution’s current affairs line-up includes "Maastricht – The Treaty That Changed Europe" (52'), an anniversary programme, exploring the legacy of the treaty 30 years after it came into effect, while "Blood, Sweat & Greens: The Exploitation of Europe's Harvest Workers" (52', 90') uncovers the systematic exploitation of harvest workers on Europe’s fields. "Nuclear Power Plants in War Zones – A New Threat?" (52') gives exclusive first-hand insights into the current situation at Ukraine’s nuclear power plants. "Nuclear Energy – The Solution for a Green Future?" (52', 30') also focuses on nuclear energy, with a stronger international and environmental view on the topic.

The new line-up of the German factual specialist includes "Mission Saving Paradise – Expedition to the Last Treasures of the Indian Ocean" (2×45', 90') by Autentic Studios, the science title "The Green Energy Revolution – A Race Against Time" (2×52', 2×45') and "Climate Chronicles" (9×30'). Autentic Studio’s "De-extinction - Species Protection 2.0?" (52'), currently available for presale, accompanies ambitious scientists worldwide in their attempts to revive extinct animals or to give those on the brink of extinction a new chance using state-of-the-art genetic engineering.

"Uncovering Hitler's Failed Putsch of 1923" (45') brings the story of a brave young woman who worked undercover at the newspaper of the national socialist movement back to life, exactly 100 years after Hitler’s failed Beer Hall putsch. "Golden Kingdom: The Normans in Sicily" (52', 90') tells the captivating saga of Norman rule on Italy's beautiful Island with stunning reenactments set against Sicily's breathtaking landscapes. The history line-up is also enhanced by several brand-new productions by Autentic Studios. "The Invention of Surgery" (2×45', 90') illuminates the bloody story of the development of surgery, and "The Art of Seduction" (2×45') immerses itself in a game about power, desire, and manipulation to explain the sex appeal of Elvis Presley and Eva Perón.

From Terra Mater Studio, Autentic will be presenting "Scotland – The New Wild" (3×50') about the diverse and resilient wildlife from the highlands to the coastline and "Raptors" (2×50') an insightful and spectacular celebration of the world’s top predators, while "Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla" (50') is an intimate look at a group of wild, elusive Western Lowland Gorillas. Autentic Distribution also just acquired "Sri Lanka - Leopards of Yala" (45’) by Aegle Creations for its wildlife catalogue. This film’s story follows the trials and tribulations of a group of leopards in Yala National Park.

A highlight in the people & places genre is the long-awaited third season of "Hot Roads – The World's Most Dangerous Roads lll" (6×52', 6 × 45') by Autentic Studios. This successful series is a truly exciting adventure along the most dangerous, extraordinary, and treacherous roads worldwide.  "The Magical World of Spices" (4×52') explores the origins of exotic spices. "In a Sea of Dust and Stars – Hiking Mauritania" (45') follows the journey of a young adventurer as he crosses the Sahara Desert by foot, train, and camel. "Between Andes and Pacific – The North of Chile" (45') explores the beautiful and diverse landscapes of Northern Chile, and "The Kung Fu Nuns of Kathmandu" (52', 45') delves into the world of material art fighting nuns in the remote Himalayas.

"The Paradox of Salt - Blessing or Curse?" (52') explores the threat of salinization for the freshwater reserves as well as the potential of salt for a sustainable future. "Ignited - How Close is Fusion Energy?" (52') explains the science behind nuclear fusion in an easy and understandable way. "Peak Performers – The Science Behind High-Altitude Medicine" (52', 70') is about the dangers, development mechanisms, and therapeutic strategies of altitude sickness, and Autentic Studios’ "From Macro to Micro: Uncovering Earth's Unseen Wonders" (2×45‘) explores the hidden miracles of the world of insects and microbes, far beyond our perception.

Mirjam Strasser, Head of Sales & Acquisition: "We are delighted to showcase our expansive and diverse collection of top-notch documentaries and factual series at this year's MIPCOM. Our line-up is brimming with captivating and inspirational stories waiting to be explored. We take great pride in featuring numerous new documentaries by Autentic Studios, our newly launched production label, as well as brand-new blue-chip wildlife titles by Terra Mater Studios and numerous other highlight productions by the many well-acclaimed producers we are proud to cooperate with.”