Current trends, global upfronts, a Korean content landscape, and Ted Sarandos' keynote were some of the attractive proposals of the international market in its first day.

12 OCT 2020

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The most unique Mipcom edition has started. Laurine Garaude, Head of the MIP Markets at Reed MIDEM, has welcomed to more than 6,000 television executives from 100 countries registered for MIPCOM Online+. The full schedule started with the exposition of Glance where its Vice-President, Frédéric Vaulpré and Avril Blondelot, Glance’s Head of Content Insight, unveiled the trends that are and will be marking this atypical year.

Frédéric Vaulpré notes: "All over the world, viewers have increased in number and have become more devoted to the programmes that they watch. In the first half of 2020, there was a trend towards an increase in television viewing time, with the lockdown having increased the amount of time that families spend together. And in addition to a larger audience, the sanitary crisis has had a real impact on the content produced and released in 2020."

Avril Blondelot summarised: "Producers have had to demonstrate their reactivity and imagination to serve this audience. Until now, 10% of the productions launched in 2020 are linked, in one way or another, to the health crisis. Changed or transformed, all genres have benefitted from it. International co-productions are more needed now than ever before, game shows, thrillers, and travel programmes continue to attract large audiences."


The Wit had its traditional exposition where its CEO Virginia Mouseler showed the latest formats from around the world. Among the most adapted formats in 2020 is "Masked Singer" that has 15 adaptation around the world, "Big Brother"; "Family Feud". "I Can see your voice". "Celebrity Masterchef", "Dragons' Den"; Temptation Island"; "Top Gear"; "All Together Now"; The Alphabet Game"; "The Bachelorette", "The Circle" and "Sing On!".

As a new trend, Mouseler appointed "surviving with a mask" as a reference to "Masked Singer" but also named "The Star in the Star", "Famemaker", and "I Got You Baby" from Banijay Rights (Germany) and "Hit the Road" from Talpa Network (Netherlands).

In the factual segment,  Mouseler presented "A Real Job: Nurses" from Newen Distribution (Belgium); "The 100 waiting for an organ donor" from Newen Distribution (Netherlands); "Quitting Benefits" from Banijay Rights (Germany) and "Where does all the money go" from Line Up Industries (Netherlands).

Another current trend is "we may survive with survival recipes". In this line, The Wit CEO presented "The Flea Market Challenge" from Rabbit Films (Finland); "Mend It For Money" from NBCUniversal Formats (UK); "Good With Wood" from Magnify Media; "Fight School" from Banijay Rights (UK); "Monster Kitchen" from Beta Entertainment (Spain); "Dieting with my Dog" from Red Arrow Studios International (Germany).

The lastest formats presented by The Wit were "Celebrity Snoop Pets" from SPTI (UK); "Find me somebody to love" from Fremantle (Israel); "The Secret" from GMP ETV (Russia); "Alone Together" from Banijay Rights (Denmark). Regarding survival formats, Mouseler mentioned "Epic Game Show" from Fremantle (UK); "The Flat" from Mediterraneo (Spain); "Split Screen" from Talpa Network (Netherlands), and "The Five Senses" from Monday Media (Denmark).

On the Fresh Fiction TV series exposition, The Wit highlighted "I May Destroy you" from HBO; "Who Died" from Yes Studios (Israel); "DES" from All3media International (UK); "The Hunt for a Killer" from Banijay Rights (Sweden); "Something to Hide", from France tv distribution (France); "For LIfe" from NENT (Norway); "The Investigation" from Fremantle (Sweden, Denmark).

Regarding scripted format hit in Turkey Mouseler mentioned: "The Red Room" from Eccho Rights; "The Agency" from MADD Entertainment and "Interrupted" from Inter Medya.

The Wit CEO also presented "END" from Globo Studios (Brazil); "Amas de Mujer" from NBCUniversal (USA); "Me, A juror at the Maxi Trial" from Asacha Media Group (Italy); "Petra" from ITV Studios (Italy); "Veneno" from Atresmedia International (Spain); "A Good Man" and "Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles" from Yellow, Black and White (Russia) and "Ikokta" from GPM ETV (Russia).


Virginia Mouseler has shown some of the most successful, creative, and outstanding dramas, films, and documentaries from around the Asian country. “2020 it's a historical year for Korea, as the most adapted format is ‘The Masked Singer’ with a large amount adaptations around the world,” she commented.

About entertainment shows, Mouseler highlighted the singing competitions "Lotto Singer"; "Oh My Partner" and the music game show "My Ranking" and the funny physical game show"Cash Back".  The executive also asserted that Korean audiences love music, singing competitions, rankings, celebrities, game shows but also they love to celebrities in reality shows traveling. In this line, The Wit showed "Trip Sync" and "Who Am I".

In the drama genre, the highlighted titles were: "The World of the married", an adaptation of the scripted "Dr Foster"; "Flower of Evil" and in fiction, "Train" and "Alice".


On the first day of Mipcom Online+ leader companies such as A+E Network; All3media International; BBC; Beta Film; Discovery; ITV Studios; Newen; Viacom and ZDF Enterprise, have presented its main launches for the international market.

A+E Networks presented its dynamic catalogue that boasts 840 new hours across multiple genres and upcoming hits featuring A-list talent, including a brand new documentary strand hosted by Laurence Fishburne, biographies of internationally recognized stars including Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, and the new competition series Tim Allen’s "Assembly Required". All of this in addition to the latest premium documentary "Surviving Jeffrey Epstein" and new seasons of its mega-franchises.

All3media International showed "The Search" that takes girl band, Little Mix, on a talent quest to create a new band. "The Cube", a gripping challenge show, where simple tasks become nerve-rackingly tricky and in the new Studio Lambert /All3media America deception gameshow "The Hustler" – contestants and viewers turn detective, whilst The Hustler lies in their midst, seeking to keep their identity hidden so they can steal jackpot.

ITV Studios brought the very latest from its slate of scripted, non-scripted and formats from award-winning talent including Jed Mercurio, Deeyah Khan, Luke Evans, and Richard Cowles, and including titles like "Vigil" and "Trump's America" and new formats such as "Don't Rock The Boat" and "Let Love Rule".

Discovery presented its catalog and highlights of some of the many new hours available for licensing including several new formats and also introduced some of the new tools that will make searching and screening its vast catalog easier than ever.

ViacomCBS (ViacomCBS International Studios and ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group) has shared its buzzworthy titles including “Parot", "Kamp Koral", "When You Least Expect it", "The Story of the Songs", "Before I Forget" from ViacomCBS International Studios and "The Stand", "Made for Love", "Station Eleven", "Spy City” & “Your Honor" from ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group.

ZDF Enterprises’ drama team showcased an exciting and truly international slate. From Danish pandemic thriller "Sløborn and edgy", moralistic tale "Grow" to the Italian crime series "Standing Tall" and Spain’s "ANA.all in".


Ted Sarandos, Netflix co-CEO and chief content officer, discussed his early career in home entertainment and shared his view of the potential of the streaming market, as well as Netflix’s growth as a global player. Reflecting on how Netflix's rise has fueled innovation and changes throughout the industry, Sarandos outlines his management philosophy, the company's approach to diversity and inclusion, and his vision for storytelling through the platform.

“The more time we spend in more countries, the more we understand the local appetite, the local culture, the local history, the local storytelling, the local production ecosystem and we realized that it is a great opportunity to reach different audiences,” said Sarandos.

Netflix co-CEO also commented that they are very interested in Spanish-speaking territories like Mexico and also Japan. “On the one hand, we have ‘Stranger Things’ which is international, but Non-English speaking programs are being very global. We have new seasons of ‘La Casa de Papel’ and that show is huge worldwide. You have to trust the storytellers of the region, giving them a great platform and a chance to speak to the world,” he asserted.

Talking about content similarities and differences, Sarandos affirmed he has always been interested in how similar the world is. “What really travels are great storytellings with super authentic characters that people can relate to someone in the world."

By Romina Rodríguez