MIPTV 2023: 3Boxmedia brings new premium documentaries to global buyers

“UrakLawoi. Brothers of the Sea”, “Wild Spain. A Tale of Two Brothers” and “Mamody. The Last Baobab Digger” are leading Spanish-German distributor offer.


"UrakLawoi. Brothers of the Sea"


3Boxmedia will show new documentaries to MIPTV/MIDOC 2023 that reveal unusual places in the world and highlight the connection between history and our present. The production “UrakLawoi. Brothers of the Sea” (1x52mins/1x70mins/4K), presents the life of a community that still practices an ancestral and very risky technique of underwater fishing. They are located on the maritime border between Thailand and Malaysia, where they struggle to preserve their traditions in the face of a growing tourist industry.

3Boxmedia also presents for the first time at MIPTV, the unique story of two film-making brothers and their unusual connection with nature. In this documentary entitled “Wild Spain. A Tale of Two Brothers"(1x52mins/4K) audiences follow their journey in search of the wildest nature, which takes place between the depths of the ocean and the highest mountains of the country. Sergi and Jordi Escandell manage to tell a different story, where scientific rigor is mixed with their combined experiences and emotional connection with the animals.

“Mamody. The Last Baobab Digger” (1x50mins/4K) by the French director Cyrille Cornu, takes people to Madagascar, where inhabitants fight against drought with an ingenious technique that consists of building wells inside the gigantic baobab trees that surround them. Another new French production in the 3Boxmedia catalogue is “The War Diary” (1x52min or 1x85'/HD), a road movie that uses the diary of an Armenian soldier from World War II as a guidebook, to explore the connection between history and the current reality of Armenia, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine.

Among the new series in the 3Boxmedia catalogue is “Discover. The Good Travelers” (14x52'/4K). Jesús del Caso takes viewers to destinations in Asia and Latin America to discover cultural heritage, gastronomy, wildlife, adventure sports, and highlights initiatives to make tourism more sustainable.

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