MIPTV 2024: Autentic Distribution to offers over 90 hours of fresh content

The Factual specialist will bring documentaries and factual series that promise to enthral audiences worldwide.

25 MAR 2024

"Patrick and the Whale"

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Autentic Distribution released its new Spring/Summer catalogue with over 90 hours of fresh content, showcasing a diverse array of documentaries and factual series that promise to enthral audiences worldwide.

In the Current Affairs Genre, the German distributor presents "Rivers at Risk – The Global Water Crisis Unveiled" (2×45', 90') which delves into the existential conflicts surrounding water scarcity, while the presale title "How Democracies Die – The Road to Illiberal Democracy" (2×45') by Autentic Studios offers an examination of the rise of right-wing populism and its threat to democratic principles throughout Europe.

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall this year, Autentic Distribution presents Grimme Prize-nominated "Capital B – Who Owns Berlin?" (5×52'), chronicling the city's complex history of urban development and power struggles. Acclaimed history series "What Went Wrong" returns for its fourth season (6×52') and Autentic also added the biographical documentary "Emilie Schindler – Woman in the Shadow" (52') to its line-up. Additionally, the intriguing history documentary "Europe's Ancient Megasites: Mystery of a Lost Civilization" (52') explores vanished civilizations from 6,000 years ago.

Autentic Distribution’s newest Lifestyle and Arts programmes include three highly relevant and political documentaries: "The Bolshoi System – Ballet, Power & Politics" (90'), "Artemisia Gentileschi: Trauma and Triumph in Baroque Art" (52') and "Baldiga – Unlocked Heart" (90').

The Wildlife line-up of Autentic Distribution boasts Terra Mater Studios’ newest blue-chip nature documentaries "A Cheetah's Pride" (3×50'); "Golden Eagle – Call of the Wild" (2×50'); "Europe's Amazon" (2×50’); "Dethroned" (50', 90'); "The Wild Sides" (3×50’); "Patrick and the Whale"and Maramedia’s For the Love of Elephants (52', 90').

Autentic’s strong People & Places genre includes the series "The Adriatic Sea" (6×52'); "Wings of Courage – The Eagle Huntress of Mongolia" (52', 30'); "Wild Horses of Andalusia" (52'); "Adventure Indonesia – Sumatra Uncovered" (2×45'); "North Sea Wonders: A Coastal Journey" (6×52', 6×45'); "Silesia – Exploring the Heart of Europe" (2×45'); "Off the Beaten Track – Armenia's National Parks" (2× 52', 2×45') and "Beyond Seoul: The Natural Wonders of South Korea" (2×45').

Autentic Distribution also added several new, high-quality Science & Technology documentaries to its line-up. Science two-parter "The Sun" (2×52', 90'); "Living on Green Ice" (52'); "Beyond Tomorrow – Technologies of the Future (6×30') and "Titans of Defence" (6×52') by Go Button Media, which is now available for presale.

Mirjam Strasser, Head of Sales & Acquisitions: "We're thrilled to present our wide-ranging and diverse array of exceptional documentaries and factual series at this year's MIPTV. We are especially proud of our many newly forged partnerships with national and international producers like Port au Prince, Maramedia and Primitive Entertainment. Continuously expanding our producer network enables us to deliver the best new factual programs from around the world to our clients.”