Nagra will introduce secure end-to-end content solutions to combat piracy

They will be exhibited during NAB 2022 and cover the process: from production to distribution, as well as entire streaming platforms.

12 APR 2022

Nancy Goldberg.

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At NAB 2022, Nagra will showcase leading solutions from across the Kudelski Group designed to help owners, producers and broadcasters securely distribute content from production to delivery, at booth W5508 at the event in Las Vegas from 24-24. April 27.

“Nagra is excited to be back in person at NAB 2022 and looks forward to engaging with clients and prospects in person to discuss new and emerging challenges they’re facing across the entire content value chain,” said Nancy Goldberg, Kudelski Group EVP and Chief Sales Officer for Nagra. “The year’s lineup includes the latest innovations in pre-release and content streaming protection, forensic watermarking and anti-piracy solutions, as well as our proven, fully-featured secure streaming platform. And, with important topics such as C-band transformation, NextGen TV and cyber-security on the docket, we expect this year’s show will be exciting and informative.”

Nagra's demo at NABShow will include combating content piracy from production to distribution, embraced by clients such as The Hollywood Reporter. It will showcase its collaboration with Vision Media to provide reliable session-based watermarking and detection solutions to protect content without limits, from pre-release to any point in its lifecycle.

Active Streaming Protection will be part to comprehensively combat piracy of OTT services and content. It is known that the protection of content and services is never one-dimensional. Active Streaming Protection is a framework of tools and technologies designed to securely address the threat of piracy of OTT content and its underlying service, going beyond multiple DRM to protect content, service and revenue.

It will also feature complete streaming platforms, offering the best options for content aggregation, curation and monetization. Nagra will share the latest news on its solutions to address the latest aggregation challenges. Seeking to demonstrate how operators become digital entertainment centers, it will present the Hispasat case, Nagra's latest regional collaboration.

In Las Vegas, the company will focus on transforming spectrum into C-band and defining the future of satellite distribution. In this regard, Nagra and Harmonic have partnered to enable satellite networks to provide bandwidth-optimized video services with enhanced quality and premium content protection. As a result, Comcast Technology Solutions has embraced new technologies to successfully clean up C-band spectrum while maintaining the quality and resiliency of critical video services for its affiliate partners.

Finally, it will also provide information on hot topics and cyber trends driving the industry. Drawing on his experience, he will address the opportunities presented by ATSC 3.0/NexGen TV, as well as the emerging role of blockchain and NFT in preventing broader cyberattacks throughout the content delivery chain.