María Rua Aguete, Senior Research Director, will do her presentation on January 20th at 19:30:00 GMT in the frame of the Miami event.

19 JAN 2021

María Rua Aguete, Senior Research Director at Omdia

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Research company Omdia is participating in Natpe Miami with a very interesting presentation leading by María Rua Aguete, Senior Research Director, who will reveal the main trends in SVOD sector, the movie industry and the Spanish-language TV content. The virtual presentation will take place on January 20th at 19:30:00 GMT.

Regarding Omdia, the closing year 2020 has seen SVOD grow at one of the fastest rates on record. In fact, in absolute terms, that year has seen more subscribers added to the VOD industry than at any other point in history, and most likely, at any point to come. Across the 328 online video subscription services that Omdia tracks as part of the TV and Online Database, more than 226 million subscribers were added. In short, SVOD has had a good year.

However, all industries and economies tend to move between waves of growth and pools of stagnation, and SVOD is no exception. While 2020 was a year for the records, 2021 will be a year of industry-wide cooling despite the myriad services coming from big Hollywood players including Discovery, NBC, Viacom, and Warner.

The company also revealed that the movie industry lost 23bn in revenues in 2020 as a result of cinemas closed and transactional revenues and PVOD did not compensate for the loses in theatrical. The Pvod revenues in 2020: 632m dollars.

Finally, Rua Aguete presentation will focuses on the Spanish-language TV content. Hispanics account for 19% of the national population, or around 61 million people in the USA but Spanish-language TV content is relatively under-represented on the major US OTT video services: Netflix and Hulu offers the highest volume of Spanish-language TV content in the US (11% and 8%) while Amazon has the largest overall on-demand offering, but less than 1% is in Spanish.