Rio2C 2024: Globo showcased the potential of Brazilian production

The company reaffirmed its commitment to the development of the audiovisual market and announced new features across all platforms. The company bets on the diversity of stories created by and for Brazilians.

7 JUN 2024

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Globo took to the main stage at Rio2C  to present its bets and commitments to the Brazilian audiovisual industry. The panel “Acontece: A commitment to Brazil” emphasized consistent investment in the independent market year after year, facilitated by means of open and collaborative dialogue with over 170 production companies of all sizes and from all regions of the country. Globo bets on the diversity of stories created by and for Brazilians, portraying the varied facets of Brazil and forming the historic and non-negotiable commitment of the company towards the development of our society.

The host, Luciano Huck, referred to the current state of the industry in Brazil:“Everything we create and produce is designed with Brazil and Brazilians in mind. It is a commitment that involves innovation and evolution, social impact, partnerships and the realization of major projects. “We create content to entertain, move, and inform. But also, to foster conversations connected with our times. Conversations that raise necessary discussions, help our society reflect on important issues, and mobilize a vast country like ours. This is something we never lose sight of," commented.

Amauri Soares, executive director of TV Globo and Estúdios Globo committed to diversity as key to the company's development: “Globo wants to be that great meeting point for Brazilians, the grand public square where everyone has a place and a voice. And for that to happen, all aspects of Brazil, with all its diversity, must be included at Globo. Just to give you an idea: the original telenovelas on TV Globo have a large audience than the top three series combined on the world’s largest streaming platform. That’s relevance," reinforced.

Manuel Belmar, director of Digital Productions and Paid Channels at Globo provided some key figures:We have maintained a consistent investment of R$5 billion in content and technology. Every year. In both good and challenging times. Working in partnership has always been the key to our success: we produce more than 1,300 hours of original content per year, across more than 200 productions, working with more than 170 production companies of all sizes and from all parts of the country. 80% of all programming on TV Globo is Brazilian content, and 75% of all consumption on Globoplay is domestic production. In the first quarter of 2024 alone, we surpassed 1 billion hours of viewing, a 40% increase over last year," noted.

On her part, Natália Lara spoke about the importance of being the first woman to narrate the Olympics on TV Globo: “I'm heading to my second Olympics, the first as a narrator for TV Globo. I couldn’t be happier!”, she celebrated. Everaldo Marques joined Natália to highlight Globo's commitment to extensive coverage of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, offering Brazilians an immersive experience along with specialized curation. The coverage will involve over 100 commentators from all regions of Brazil, who collectively hold 27 Olympic medals. TV Globo will broadcast 200 hours, around 12 hours a day, always following Brazilian athletes. sportv will feature four channels, one of them broadcasting in 4K, with over 1,000 hours of Olympic coverage. Meanwhile, Globoplay will offer more than 40 additional live feeds from the Paris Games, bringing all competitions live. Everaldo and Natália also highlighted soccer on Globo, which in 2024 will include broadcasts of Copa América, Eurocup, Libertadores, Copa do Brasil and Brasileirão (Brazilian Soccer championship), in both male and female categories. 

Ana Paula Araújo and Aline Midlej emphasized the importance of responsible and professional coverage, such as during the environmental tragedy that struck Rio Grande do Sul: As the tragedy progressed, teams were relocated from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília to support RBS (Globo’s local affiliate). Over 100 reporters, anchors, editors, cameramen, technical and technology teams”, commented Ana Paula Araújo. For municipal election coverage, the journalists mentioned that Globo will conduct over 150 debates across the country. “There will be around 4,400 journalists involved in the coverage of municipal elections, including daily coverage of the campaign, candidate agenda, production of series and special reports, interviews with candidates in local newscasts, and the dissemination and analysis of polls. Plus, of course, the coverage of election day, vote count, and fight against fake news”, said Aline. 

FInally, among the series, highlights include the Globoplay Originals like 'The game' by Afroreggae, 'Guerreiros do Sol’ (Sun Warriors) and the new seasons of ‘Dissident Archangel’ by Afroreggae, "The Others’ and ‘Rensga Hits!" by Glaz Entretenimento. The panel also feature exclusive clips from two films in production by Globo Studios’ Film Division: ‘A lista’ ("The list") and ‘"Vítimas do dia" ("Victims of the day"); and Globoplay’s first original film "Vitória" by Conspiração and MyMama Entertainment, starring Fernanda Montenegro.