RTVE to attend MIPTV and Rio Content Market with major launches

The fiction series "The Argonauts", "The Hunt. Guadiana", the third season of "HIT", and the documentary series "Javier Fernández. Breaking the Ice" are among company's award-winning productions.

10 APR 2023

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RTVE’s commercial team returns to MIPTV and to Rio Content Market to offer the main novelties of this new season. Great fiction series, series for the youngest, the best entertainment and great documentaries make up the corporation's portfolio in these important markets. Among the big bets that RTVE presents in these editions, stand out the children’s adventure series “The Argonauts”, the prime-time series “The Hunt.Guadiana”, the third season of “HIT”, “Peace Force” and “Drought”; the documentary series “Javier Fernández. Breaking the Ice”, “Pipper on Tour”, “Urraca, the Red Hunter”, “10.000 Days”, “The Theft of the Codex”, “The Deck of Cards Killer” and “The Last Frontier”.
“The Argonauts”, a gang of friends with different backgrounds and cultures, will live a summer full of dangers, adventures and will make two major discoveries: a treasure and the value of friendship. A kids live action series. “The Hunt. Guadiana” is the third season of the successful series that began with “La Caza. Monteperdido” which won several international awards (Luchon, Venice). Starring Megan Montaner, Alain Hernández and Félix Gómez, it tells the story of a small village, divided by the Guadiana riverbed, which is dramatically altered on a Sunday market day. Mario, a nineteen-year-old boy, in the grip of a manic crisis, carries out a massacre and kills three people. The case is taken on by Lieutenant Baín and Sara Campos.
“HIT” is the third season of the successful series that won the Grand Award at the World Media Festival in Hamburg and the Media Impact Award at the Series Nostrum festival. In this third season, “HIT”, the non-conformist educator, changes his profile. Now, he is the one who needs help dealing with his addiction. Together with his friends from the detoxification centre, he faces not only behavioural and addiction problems, but also the solving of a mystery.
In this edition, RTVE presents the series “Javier Fernández. Breaking the Ice”, in this, the two-time world champion, seven-time European champion and bronze medallist at the 2018 Olympic Games, Javier Fernández, tells first-hand his journey through the world of figure skating. He starts the story from the beginning of his career as a child, his evolution, his triumphs and finally, he shares one of the hardest decisions of his life: to leave his professional career. “Pipper on Tour” presents Pipper, the famous influencer dog and his  human guide us through wonderful places and accommodations. In addition, in each episode they will face new challenges to make their motto a reality: “Educated dogs, welcome”.
“Urraca, the Red Hunter” is a documentary about Pedro Urraca, a Franco supporter agent key in the persecution of exiled Spanish Republicans and a contributor of the Gestapo. This character is portrayed from the critical point of view of his son and granddaughter, who disassociate themselves from his legacy. “10.000 Days” is travel to the future of 2050 with the people who are already designing and preparing the greatest technological leap in our history. Carlos Franganillo invites us to get to know this new world that is being built right before our eyes in the next 10 000 days.

In “The Theft of the Codex”, a priceless jewel disappears from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. It is a 12th century manuscript, considered the first guide for pilgrims on the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela, the Codex Calixtinus. At that moment, a police investigation begins, characterised by media interest, the secrecy of the Church and all kinds of false accusations. “The Deck of Cards Killer” tells the story of what seemed like an isolated crime turned out to be a complicated investigation to hunt down a cruel serial killer. The production tells the story of the serial crimes that took place in Madrid, paying special attention to the police work and how, in parallel to the investigation, the media created a monster that kept the people of Madrid on tenterhooks.
“The Last Frontier” presented by Javier Santaolalla, a physicist and aspiring astronaut, takes us on a journey through four chapters to learn about the great enigmas of the universe and the requirements to fulfil the dream of becoming an astronaut for the European Space Agency (ESA) and cross the last frontier. We meet national and international experts who share their knowledge and experience on the great enigmas of the universe such as: Where is the end of space, how big is our galaxy? Are we alone in the universe? When will we land on Mars? Or what is exotic matter?
RTVE’s offer also includes a wide range of international linear channels that keep gaining subscribers around the world: the generalist TVE, the news channel Canal 24 Horas; the fiction and entertainment channel Star TVE and the children’s channel Clan, which reaches millions of homes in 17 American countries, including the United States. In addition, RTVE offers exclusive access to the video-on-demand platform RTVE Play+, available all over America, with more than 10 thousand hours of subscription content.