Vision Films to feature four screenings at the Cannes Film Festival

The distribution company will show the documentaries "Why On Earth" and "Eating Our Way To Extinction", the animated film "MEAD" and the dance comedy "Tango Shalom".

5 MAY 2022

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Vision Films will attend the Cannes Film Festival with a varied slate of films and four special screenings, including the documentaries "Why On Earth" and "Eating Our Way To Extinction", the animated live-action sci-fifilm "MEAD" and the dance comedy "Tango Shalom". Lise Romanoff, Managing Director/CEO of Vision Films shares, “We love being back in full swing with in-person markets and truly have some incredible, successful, globally relevant films we are proud to present in Cannes this year.”

The numerous other selections from Vision’s catalog being showcased are action-adventure movies shot in some of the most stunning locales in the world, heart-warming Christmas films, an authentic Spaghetti Western, as well as other feature length documentaries, including about the royal family and football legend Tom Brady. All films represented by Vision Films are available for global licensing.

"Why On Earth" – a compelling, environmental wildlife documentary directed and executive produced by Katie Cleary, founder of Peace 4 Animals and featuring animal advocate Clint Eastwood, Maggie Q, John Salley, Kristin Baurer, Shannon Elizabeth, Dan Richardson, Damien Mander, Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas, and Alison Towner. The documentary will be showed on May 23 at Lerins 3 – 4:30pm.

"MEAD" [Mobile Extrasensory Autonomous Deceptor] is based on the 1972 underground comic book “Fever Dreams”. This movie features a sentient AI starship along with its Captain as they evade military forces by projecting illusions so real that they fool their evil pursuers. The title will be showing on May 22 at Lerins 3 – 6:30pm.

"Tango Shalom", the award-winning, runaway success, family dance fable with a message of peace, tolerance, unity, and interfaith dialogue that has resonated with diverse audiences around the world will be featuring on May 17 at Lerins 4 – 4:00pm.

"Eating Our Way To Extinction" – a hard-hitting and visually stunning feature-length documentary, narrated and executive produced by Kate Winslet, featuring shocking testimonials and poignant first-hand accounts from Indigenous people most affected by our ever changing planet. The documentary screenings will be on May 22 at Olympia 1 – 4:00pm.