EFM 2024: Vision Films picks up global distribution rights to “Princess Halle and the Jester”

The VFX fantasy film was written, directed and produced Christopher Lombardi and Golden Age Pictures and now is available for international licensing.

21 FEB 2024

“Princess Halle and the Jester”

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Vision Films has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to the magical VFX fantasy film "Princess Halle and the Jester" from writer, director and producer Christopher Lombardi and Golden Age Pictures. Now available for international licensing and being presented for the first time at Berlinale-EFM, the film will be released theatrically and on Transactional VOD in the spring of 2024 in North America.

The feature-length film is the first in a planned series using breakthrough technologies to meld action, romance, and fairytales into a completely new and unique world that is both modern and timeless. The live-action film utilizes cutting-edge virtual sets and CGI characters to create an immersive hyperreal experience for the audience.

In the movie, when goblins capture the king, young Princess Halle escapes with a poor jester and, undercover, returns with him to his village. After her evil stepmother takes over the throne, Princess Halle must rescue her father and restore peace to the kingdom.

Lise Romanoff, CEO/Managing Director of Vision Films says, “'Princess Halle and the Jester' is an incredible and completely original take on a classic fairytale with characters sure to capture your heart.”

Filmmaker Christopher Lombardi shares, “Our film,' Princess Halle and The Jester', demonstrates the breakthrough opportunities that exist for studios and independent artists alike in an industry facing numerous changes and challenges. Beyond the technological feat, we wanted to capture the spirit of the golden age of Hollywood—a stylistic nod to the classic films that continue to inspire many—with a film that touches upon generational themes that remain relevant today. We hope our film will resonate with audiences of all ages.”