18 JAN 2022

ARTE Distribution focuses on women empowerment stories

"24 hours in a woman's life"; "Joan of Arc"; and "Becoming Marilyn" are some examples of the great titles about fantastic women that ARTE Distribution is selling worldwide. Florence Sala, Head of international distribution and marketing, brings more details about these series that resonate around the globe.

18 JAN 2022

Florence Sala, Head of international distribution and marketing at ARTE Distribution

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ARTE Distribution is putting its focus on amazing women and pretends to share their stories with the world. In the frame of 24th Unifrance Rendez-Vous Paris, the French distributor highlighted "24 hours in a woman's life", a short series (26x4') filmed, played and acted by women. "It's really women empowerment look on our actual society", said Florence Sala, Head of international distribution and marketing to Señal News. The series tells 24 stories from different countries and describes women life and their difficulties and struggles. "'24 hours in a woman's life' was written, directed and acted by actress all around the world, like Spain, Italy, America and all the actress all very well known in their countries," added Sala.

The series is currently available on platform ARTE in Europe. "It's a short format that people can watch on the web, in their cellphones, and it's a shareble content," stated the ARTE Distribution executive. The series was produced by Nathalie Masduraud and Valerie Urrea from Batelieres Production and ARTE Distribution really worked hand by hand with them to make an international success. "The episodes were shooting in different countries and in different languages, so the essence of the series is to be international," indicated Sala.

ARTE Distribution has also included in its line up another titles with strong female characters. That's the case of the 4 million budged animated series "The Mystery Of Joan Of Arc", the figure of the French media world. "She went to war, she collaborated with the kind, she literally save French from the British, and for us, she is also one of the first female that really played the role in the feminist world", described the Head of international distribution and marketing at ARTE Distribution. "Our story has a new angle, it's a woman empowerment story because she is an iconic woman and an icon for feminist world".

Another documentary that ARTE included on the same collection is "Becoming Marilyn", very relevant in her 60th death anniversary. "There have been a lot of documentaries about Marilyn Monroe, but this is a new one because the angle of the movie is through our post #metoo movement. Marilyn Monroe will not been the same person if she would live today. She was used by Hollywood, by men in general, and the documentary is only about she wrote in her private diary, what she said in interviews. We understand the woman and her weakness in front of that men's world with our post #metoo eyes," explained Sala.

Last but not least, ARTE Distribution women empowerment collection also highlights "Alice Guy, The First Female Filmmaker" from the same directors of "24 hours in a woman's life". Alice Guy was the first female filmmaker ever, she set as the inventor of the cinema and is another interesting story about women. "All those movies are very current and with a positive message, even if they are fiction, or documentaries, there are a new message that ARTE is also carrying internationally," completed Sala.

ARTE Distribution sciences, investigation and discovery titles are working very well in the international marketplace. For instance, "The fire under the sea", a unique dive into the Mediterranean Sea with an international expedition searching for undiscovered underwater volcanoes, led by the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 winner and Emmy Award nominated Laurent Ballesta. "It's a science Italian film, and we will see underwater things that we never have seen before, actives and inactive volcanos under the sea. It's something that has never been shown before," asserted ARTE executive.

The movie was bought by NHK in Asia, was pre buy in a lot of countries, and it is going to be delivered in February. "It's a very spectacular film with fantastic underwater sequences, but you also will know about science because it's a scientific international expedition," concluded Sala.

By Romina Rodríguez