ARTE Distribution acquired “Right-Wing Extremism: The New Terrorist Threat”

The distributor added the documentary series to its catalog.

8 APR 2024

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ARTE Distribution expanded its catalog of current affairs documentaries with the acquisition of “Right-Wing Extremism: The New Terrorist Threat” (52' & 90') by Roche Productions.

Joséphine Létang, Head of Sales at ARTE Distribution, said: "We are extremely proud to continue working with Roche Productions and to be carrying on a long-lasting partnership. This documentary is of paramount importance as it not only informs but also illuminates a pressing social concern: radicalization and violence. Our endeavor is to cast a spotlight on the issues plaguing our society."

Extreme right-wing terrorism is becoming an ever-bigger threat in Western societies. “Right-Wing Extremism: The New Terrorist Threat” (52' & 90') explores the phenomenon of right-wing terrorism and its correlation with the escalating political polarization across the Western world. By giving voice to former activists who have abandoned their radical beliefs, this international inquiry delves into the complex dynamics of the new wave of ultra-right-wing terrorism, including transnational networks, online radicalization, and the polarization of Western societies.

Following the success of previous collaborations such as the historical documentary serie “Living in Germany at War” (2x52') and the one-off “Toni Marrison - Black Matter(s)" (52'), ARTE Distribution reinforced its partnership with Roche Productions. The company, founded in 1995 by Dominique Tibi, is renowned for delivering high-quality documentaries for television audiences worldwide, consistently earning recognition for its incisive explorations of current affairs and historical events.