19 APR 2023

Guillermo Borensztein: “Spanish-language content is entering a new phase of globalization”

Guillermo Borensztein, SVP of International Content Licensing and Co-production at TelevisaUnivision, explains the pillars of its expansion strategy and highlights the business potential around Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Guillermo Borensztein


Since last August, Guillermo Borensztein has been the Senior Vice President of International Content Licensing and Co-Production of TelevisaUnivision, where he leads content licensing efforts internationally, as well as co-production deals for linear and streaming original content. In a dialogue with Señal News, Borensztein explained his strategy for the global content arena.

▸  What is your content licensing strategy to expand TelevisaUnivision's catalog globally?

"Our content licensing strategy is rooted in being the global leader in Spanish-language content distribution and based on four basic pillars: first, territoriality, from the position of being the leading distributor, historically, in Latin America and the U.S., and having the runway to work flexibly with different types of clients across the world. Secondly, visibility; owning our IP allows us to capitalize on the opportunities integral to monetization cycles. Then, we are a one-stop shop, a full offering that builds off the strong global track record of our telenovelas and the incremental volume and quality now offered by ViX's original series. Finally, strategic relations, with a focus on working with partners and clients with a shared long-term vision."

▸  How are you trying to reinforce the company's co-production deals?

"The co-production strategy is highly focused on ViX originals. Due to the platform's rapid growth, we are concentrating on increasing the volume of releases, specifically in Latin America and the U.S. market. This approach allows for a production cost/efficiency/quality ratio like no other. That said, there is an expectation for ViX content to be widely distributed to other clients in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, which would be extremely complementary. Since the launch of ViX, we have announced content agreements and deals with partners in Brazil and Spain; we will expand this model and extend to other territories with other key players."

▸  What business opportunities do you observe for TelevisaUnivision around Europe, Asia, and Africa?

"We see the opportunity to exponentially strengthen and amplify the distribution of Televisa's telenovelas in these regions since they already have a massive global footprint with longevity and very successful brand awareness. Looking ahead for TelevisaUnivision in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Asia, we can build off that momentum with ViX's original series. It is incremental and complementary, and we're extremely bullish on capitalizing on this opportunity."

▸  How do you analyze the demand for Spanish-speaking content around the world?

"With more than 450 million people who speak Spanish and prefer to watch content in their own language, the demand is unprecedented. Data shows that Spanish-language series, especially telenovelas, have been ranked among the most viewed content on global platforms, yet they continue to be underrepresented in most streaming services. We are strongly positioned to serve this audience because of the unique value proposition of ViX and its unmatched content portfolio that continues to gain traction with audiences. Spanish-language content is entering a new phase of globalization; we want to continue to be a major player and, to do so, we must expand our business worldwide."

▸  At MIPTV, TelevisaUnivision will be showcasing "Thinking of You." What global appeal do you recognize for that title?

"This title has tremendous global appeal because it is modern and aspirational, with themes that audiences can easily connect with, including dealing with second chances, recovering from past traumas, and taking chances to achieve what one wants out of life. Also, the talent associated with the series gives it a fresh contemporary feel. It is produced by Carlos Bardasano ('Si Nos Dejan') and stars the internationally recognized Dulce María ('Rebelde'), a combination fit for a mainstream audience."

By Diego Alfagemez