6 APR 2022

Natalie Lawley: “We focus on commercial content with a distinct point of difference”

The Managing Director at Escapade Media describes the company’s strong reputation for securing worldwide pre-sales and commissions and highlights its strategies to maintain a solid position in a crowded international arena.

6 APR 2022

Natalie Lawley

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International distribution and content development company Escapade Media specializes in premium dramas, kids’ content, and factual programming with a distinct point of difference. “Our mission is to present unique and fresh content that resonates with global audiences and underlines our ambition to work with partners and creative teams developing strong and diverse projects at their core,”  Natalie Lawley, Managing Director at Escapade Media, told Señal News. Escapade’s strong reputation securing pre-sales and commissions has allowed the company to be involved in a collection of premium content delivering over the next 12-18 months.

Escapade Media is different from other distributors in its finished programming strategy. “We focus on commercial content with a very distinct point of difference. We also develop content and look to come on board as early as possible, working with companies from across the globe and developing original content in-house,”  Lawley explained.

Escapade is launching several new titles this spring at MIPTV 2022. One of them is “Inside Trauma,” a brand-new generation of some of Australia’s finest medical professionals who are tested to their physical and mental limits. Their goal is to join the elite Australian Medical Assistance Team (AUSMAT). Escapade was the co-producer on PBS’s commissioned documentary from Orange Frame, “Hacking Evolution: Lionfish.” Danni Washington, an engaging science communicator with a background in marine biology, takes audiences on a journey into the story of the lionfish and the more profound scientific questions that explore what it means to be invasive, non-native, or native from a greater evolutionary perspective.

Moreover, “Breakaway Femmes” tells, for the first time, the story of women participating in the Tour de France alongside the men’s race. Ultimately their race was canceled, and their heroic ladies have been almost forgotten. The show wants to highlight that there has never been a more poignant time to celebrate these women’s achievements and inspire future women to ride the Tour de France.


Escapade focuses very heavily on generating revenue from overseas. Part of their evaluation to create the perfect slate for global buyers is to ensure that the content appeals to the international market. “Escapade has a very experienced worldwide network of consultants that provide invaluable feedback on all titles. LUK e.s. has worked with Escapade for over six years and provides exceptional service and across all Escapade’s titles. It also enables the company to secure early investment from buyers for our development projects,”  Lawley stated.

Escapade’s distribution strategy in 2022 focuses on pre-sales. “In securing pre-sales, we can close the finance side and offer the more comprehensive premium completed content to the marketplace. Escapade offers three new factual series and two new drama series at MIPTV,”  Lawley concluded.

By Romina Rodríguez