30 JAN 2023

Valérie Montmartin and Patrick Boudet: "Nicole Kidman is more than an actress"

Arte's documentary “Nicole Kidman, Eyes Wide Open” reviews the Australian actress career and her role in the society. Señal News interviewed producer Valérie Montmartin and Patrick Boudet about the project.


Valérie Montmartin and Patrick Boudet (credits: Marie Rouge/Unifrance)


“Nicole Kidman, Eyes Wide Open” (52') produced by Little Big Story and Arte France reviews Nicole Kidman career trough archives material, previous interviews and interviews with people who have worked with her such as well-known directors Gus Van Sant, John Cameron Mitchell and French film critic, Michel Ciment, close friend of Jane Campion and Stanley Kubrick. "She's more than an actress, she created a very strong creative world with all the roles she had in her career," commented Valérie Montmartin, producer of the documentary to Señal News in the frame of Unifrance Rendez-Vous Paris. "We really wanted to be focused on the way she acts, the way she's on the set," she added.

Over the years, Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, became both a pop culture icon & a complex dramatic actress. For 40 years, she was able to go beyond her beauty and soon began taking more significant roles, and laid down the foundations for an issue she would increasingly explore over more than 30 years and 70 films – the place of women in society.

The director of the documentary Patrick Boudet has grown up as a young adult with Nicole Kidman’s movies. "I've always felt she was more of an actress, she has something to say about the world, about the place of the women in the society. This is one of the major reasons why I made a documentary about her".

“Nicole Kidman, Eyes Wide Open” reviews the highlights of her life and also shows how a Hollywood actress decided to change the way to make movies. "The initial turning point of her career in Hollywood was 'To Die for'. Gus Van Sant wanted Patricia Arquette as the lead role, but she was making another movie so Nicole called him and tell him that she was destined to make that film," revealed Boudet. "After that, Nicole choses very intelligently the films she wants to do. The movies are steps into her life," he added.

ARTE Distribution is a global distributor of the series and already sold it in Spain, Switzerland, Africa Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Australia, Scandinavia. "They expect a very big success with this documentary," stated the producer. Currently “Nicole Kidman, Eyes Wide Open” is in post-production and it will be ready at the end of March or beginning of April.