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Events 7 DEC 2021

Globoplay will participate in the "Comic Con" Portugal

7 DEC 2021
Original content such as ‘Hidden Truths II’, ‘Aruanas’ and ‘Unsoul’ will be the highlights in the event, which will gather talents such actors Cláudia Abreu, Débora Falabella and Romulo Estrela, and TV host Ana Clara.

Eventos 6 DEC 2021

Globoplay participará del "Comic Con" de Portugal

6 DEC 2021
Contenidos originales como "Verdades Secretas II", "Aruanas" y "Desalma" destacarán en el evento que reunirá a talentos como los actores Claudia Abreu, Débora Falabella y Rômulo Estrela junto a la presentadora Ana Clara.

Content 31 AUG 2021

Globo adds over 12.000 hours of Spanish-dubbed content

31 AUG 2021
The largest content producer in Latin America features telenovelas and series for the country's most varied audiences.

Contenidos 31 AUG 2021

Globo suma más de 12.000 horas de contenido doblado en español

31 AUG 2021
La mayor productora de contenido de América Latina presenta telenovelas y series para los más variados públicos del país.

Content 6 JUL 2021


6 JUL 2021
The eco-thriller, portraying the story of four activists investigating the activities of a mining company operating in the Amazon Rainforest, will be available on VRT NU, a FVOD platform of public broadcaster VRT of the Flemish Community in Belgium.