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Content 26 JAN 2023

Mastiff TV Denmark to adapt “Starstruck” for DR1

26 JAN 2023
Banijay announced that Mastiff TV Denmark, part of Banijay Nordic, will adapt “Starstruck” for DR1, marking the fourth deal for the hit studio entertainment format.

Content 13 DEC 2022

Zeppelin brings Banijay’s “All Against 1” to Spain

13 DEC 2022
Banijay announced Zeppelin, part of Banijay Iberia, will adapt “All Against 1” for RTVE. Originally created by Nordisk Banijay, the unique show pits one brave contestant against the nation.

Content 5 OCT 2022

Banijay’s “Trash or Treasure” heads to Spain

5 OCT 2022
Banijay announced that Cuarzo Producciones, a Banijay Iberia label, alongside Delrío Visual, will produce primetime entertainment game show “Trash or Treasure” (Basura o Tesoro) for Aragón TV.

Content 21 SEP 2022

Banijay's "Suvivor" format celebrates 25 years of success

21 SEP 2022
It has officially been 25 years since Banijay debuted the adventure reality format "Survivor" in Sweden in September 1997. The format has been commissioned in 50 territories.

Content 11 JUL 2022

Endemol Shine Brasil takes “MasterChef Senior” to Band

11 JUL 2022
Endemol Shine Brasil, a Banijay company, announced that brand new iteration “MasterChef Senior,” known locally as “MasterChef+,” is set for Band.