3 AUG 2020


The Australian Public broadcaster has launched the new title presented by Aaron Pedersen last August 30th. ABC Commercial holds worldwide distribution rights.

3 AUG 2020

"Australia Remastered"

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ABC has launched the new series "Australia Remastered" hosting by Aaron Pedersen that shows Australia’s iconic wildlife and unique landscapes. The series is produced by WildBear Entertainment in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and ABC Commercial holds worldwide distribution rights.

Across 15 weeks, Pedersen, a proud Arrenente and Arabana man, explores everything from orca pods and wombat kingdoms, to the epic seasons of Kakadu and the rugged beauty of Australia’s arid Red Centre, plus the vast aquatic wildernesses of the Indian, Pacific, and Southern Oceans. Offering insights into the stories of the land and the animals that live there, rare footage is deftly woven together with the latest scientific research, shining a new light on Australia’s remarkable natural world.

The series draws upon the ABC’s rich treasure trove of unique 16mm and 35mm archive footage, which has been digitally remastered, preserving the footage – some of which may never be captured again – so it can be enjoyed by audiences for generations.

Over 15 hour-long episodes, "Australia Remastered" focuses on the country’s wildlife, landscape, and its coastlines:

Australia Remastered: "Wild Australians" explores the lives of iconic Australian animals, including kangaroos, platypuses, echidnas, wombats, parrots, orcas, and reptiles.

Australia Remastered: "National Treasures" showcases places of ecological significance and natural beauty, including the Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park, with its extreme wet and harsh dry seasons; Australia’s distinctive Red Centre; the pristine southern island of Tasmania; the Australian Alps, the country’s highest mountain range; and the ancient Daintree rainforests that sit alongside the largest living structure visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef.

Australia Remastered: "Oceans" looks at the three great bodies of water that surround the country, the Indian, the Pacific and the Southern Oceans, and their diverse aquatic creatures.