8 NOV 2019


The Australian Public Broadcaster announced a suite of diverse, relevant and essential content for its audience in the country. Highlights include new series “Fight for Planet A: The Climate Challenge” and “Big Weather (and how to survive it)”.


The Australian Public Broadcaster ABC announced its 2020 programming slate, with a suite of content that confirms the public broadcaster as the home of distinctive and inclusive stories. “In a world overrun by global media giants, Australian stories have never been more important. Equally, the ABC has never been more essential to the Australian people,” said Michael Carrington, ABC Director Entertainment & Specialist.

“In 2020, the ABC will be the engine room of Australian creativity, putting more Australian faces, voices and stories on screen than any other broadcaster. The stories we share will speak to and for all Australians, firing their imagination through bold content and creativity. We will engage new audiences by increasing the diversity of our programs and people, on and off screen, sparking meaningful change in how we see ourselves and each other.”, added the exective.

Highlights revealed include new series "Fight for Planet A: The Climate Challenge” and “Big Weather (and how to survive it)” both fronted by Craig Reucassel; ABC explores the culture of outrage with “Reputation Rehab” and Australia’s relationship with alcohol in “Shaun Micallef’s On the Sauce”. “Outback Ringer” and “Australia’s Ocean Highway” take the audience into the secret world of Australia’s top end and the ocean’s depths.

Two-parter “Dark Emu”, with author Bruce Pascoe, and feature-length documentaries “Firestarter: The Story of Bangarra” and “The Australian Dream”, share the voices of Indigenous Australia and explore broader themes of race, identity and belonging.

“Revelation”, the new documentary series from award-winning ABC journalist Sarah Ferguson, unpeels layers of cover-up to expose the full, shocking picture of clergy abuse in Australia.


Among returning series, “Gardening Australia”, “Catalyst” and “Compass” will help people navigate and find joy in their world and the ABC is proud to again showcase regional Australian stories in “Back Roads” and “Landline”.

The ABC is delighted to announce that Hamish Macdonald will join the ABC as the new host of weekly flagship discussion program “Q&A” and as a senior presenter across television and radio.

In drama, newcomers “Stateless” and “Fallout” and returning favourites “Mystery Road”, “Harrow” and “The Heights” will continue to tell remarkable stories in ways that are entertaining, relatable and uniquely Australian.

Viewers will love series five of the eye-opening and award-winning “You Can’t Ask That”, as well as Annabel Crabb and the Ferrone family who will travel even “Further Back in Time for Dinner”.


A new series of Australia’s most popular kids show, “Bluey”, is coming to ABC KIDS. Since its launch in October 2018, “Bluey” has become the nation’s most watched children’s program with a total of 152 million program plays and a VPM series rating of 2.3Million. Kids will also love “Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors?” and fast-paced action thriller “Itch”.


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