16 APR 2021


Airing on Teledoce, story about courage and overcoming has an average rating of 18.3, repeating the success of its predecessor "A Life Worth Living".


One of the big hits of Globo's dramaturgy, the telenovela "Sweet Diva" keeps being an audience leader in its slot in Uruguay. Aired at 6 pm on Teledoce, the telenovela maintains an average of 18.3 rating points among the 18–49-year-old audience since its debut. Sweet Diva is the successor of "A Life Worth Living", another Globo audience hit that was shown on the channel until the end of March, and it was also leader in its slot throughout its entire exhibition.    

The good performance of “Sweet Diva” has been repeated in other countries. In Univision channel primetime, in the United States, the telenovela has obtained a significant performance since the beginning of its exhibition. In February, it attracted 1.5 million viewers (2+), 502,000 being adults within 18-49 years of age, placing Univision in the second position of the country's broadcast TV ahead of channels such as CBS, ABC and NBC during the 10 pm slots. Currently airing on TV3, from Latvia, the telenovela has achieved excellent consolidated results, reaching 7.3% of share - much higher than the channel average, which is 4.2%, and it also continues to win over the public in other countries as well, with a narrative that talks about female empowerment, courage, hope and overcoming hurdles with optimism. The production is on the air on channels like Red Uno, in Bolivia, on Imagen TV, in Mexico, Channel 6 in El Salvador and Viva, in Israel.    

Written by Walcyr Carrasco (‘Hidden Truths’), 'Sweet Diva' stands out for its powerful cast, composed of actresses Juliana Paes ('Total Dreamer'), Paolla Oliveira ('Edge of Desire') and Fernanda Montenegro (‘The Other Side of Paradise) – Academy-Award nominated actress, and International Emmy winner. The plot also features striking villains such as the character played by actress Agatha Moreira ('Hidden Truths') and actor Reynaldo Gianecchini ('Family Ties'), in addition to the pioneering case of real interaction of a character influencing the public through social media.    

The telenovela tells the story of the character Maria da Paz (Juliana Paes), a dedicated cupcake maker who becomes a wealthy businesswoman twenty years after a tragedy on her wedding day with Amadeu (Marcos Palmeira). From this union, which ends in separation, a baby is born, Jô (Agatha Moreira), who seeks power and despises her mother's humble origins. Fearing that her parents' reunion could ruin her plans, Jô starts an alliance with the charming Regis (Reynaldo Gianecchini) to convince Maria to marry him, and together they plan to steal all the fortune won by the cupcake maker.    

In this story full of emotions and turnarounds, the protagonist's optimism must be stronger than Jô's ambition, when the pastry chef discovers her own daughter's betrayal and dangerous secrets. In the production, digital influencer Vivi Guedes (Paolla Oliveira) was an important milestone in the history of dramaturgy. @estiloviviguedes, the character's official profile on social media, brought fiction closer to real life and won over 2.5 million followers in Brazil, who were able to interact with the character throughout the plot. In Uruguay the action is repeated, with the profile @viviguedes_uy to hook the audience of the channel that follows the telenovela.   

Aired in 2019 in Brazil and launched on international market in early 2020, the telenovela reached 55.4 million Brazilians in its final chapter, breaking audience record of the plot and causing a real commotion on social media: it got 48 terms in Twitter most talked about subjects, with 19 of them featured in the World Trending Topics.    

On Teledoce, in addition to "Sweet Diva", other Globo productions are on air, such as "Harassment" at 11:30 pm and "Hidden Truths" at 12 am.