17 DEC 2020


The titles include “Ruthless City,” “Flames Of Desire,” “Meryem,” “Wounded Love,” “Kuzey & Guney,” and “For My Son.” The content was produced by Ulsan MBC, TMC Film, among others, and are aimed at a global audience.

17 DEC 2020

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Kanal D International announced a series of dramas that are set to air in 2021. The titles include “Ruthless City,” “Flames Of Desire,” “Meryem,” “Wounded Love,” “Kuzey & Guney,” and “For My Son.”

Produced by Avsar Film, “Ruthless City” involves the confusing loves & lives of the Karaçay & Yılmaz' Families. The premium show is slated to become accessible to a South African audience in 2021. “Flames Of Desire” will showcase an old Turkish tradition to an Ethiopian audience. It is produced by Ulsan MBC, with filming taking place in Ulsan, South Korea.

“Meryem” tells the story of a love triangle between a whole who covers a crime for the man she loves, a prosecutor, and a man seeking revenge. The show is produced by TMC Film. “Wounded Love” takes place during the Turkish Independence War. 

“Kuzey & Guney” takes the form of a family drama showing the rivalry between two brothers with extremely different characters and their only common thing continuing its journey through Sub-Saharan Africa. Lastly, “For My Son” is a blend of action and literature telling the story of an ex-police officer Poyraz's survival against evil, and his love for his only son. It is targeted at audiences in Israel.