5 DEC 2019


The game was developed by Lantu Games and officially released in China on Tencent Platform. Nippon TV is looking for new partners to develop local versions of “Hunter × Hunter” games.


Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) has released its first smartphone game arising from the highly popular animation IP “Hunter × Hunter”, developed by Lantu Games and officially released in China on Tencent Platform. This marks the first time that Nippon TV’s International Business Development division has created a game from the many IP’s that they distribute as content for viewing platforms.

Sho Shimada, Sales and Licensing, International Business Development for Nippon TV said: “’Hunter × Hunter’ is a phenomenally popular and enjoyed all over the world, including China. We believed that this highly successful IP would be very suitable content for an action game and it has been a dream of ours to create this for the fans. We are very pleased to have released the first smart phone game after several years of detailed development and preparation with our Chinese partners. I am confident that the fans in China will enjoy the world of HUNTER × HUNTER even more through this exciting new game. Nippon TV values the strength of this IP and we are also strategizing to find new opportunities with partners interested in creating their own version of the ‘Hunter × Hunter’ game in their territory.”

“Hunter × Hunter” is originally a manga written by Yoshihiro Togashi on “Weekly Jump”, a weekly manga magazine with over 50 years of success in the competitive industry. Nippon TV created the animation version that started airing in 2011 to immediate success, not only in Japan, but also has been sold to almost 200 territories globally.

Additionally, China was no exception to the global enthusiasm, and Nippon TV answered the heightened need for a smart phone game of “Hunter × Hunter”. The high attention toward the game has been eminent through the number of pre-registrations that exceeded over 8,210,000 people in China before its launch.

“Hunter × Hunter” continues to be a very popular IP, and its business has expanded from the original manga to animation and feature film (created, aired/streamed and distributed by Nippon TV which is a member of the Production Committee), to many other fruitful businesses that span from multiple successful merchandize realizations to even cafes.

Nippon TV is looking for new partners in other territories including Asia, Europe, USA and others, to develop local versions of “Hunter × Hunter” smart phone games in their territory.


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