15 FEB 2023

TF1 Group consolidated revenue was €2,507.7 million in 2022

Revenue from other French Group activities totalled €838.9 million, an increase of €106.4 million year on-year (+14.5%), driven by the excellent performance of Newen Studios.

15 FEB 2023

TF1 Group

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TF1 Group has revealed the financial statements for 2022 confirming a consolidated revenue of €2,507.7 million, marking an increment of €80.6 million year-on-year (+3.3%). The Group advertising revenue amounted to €1,668.9 million, down €25.2 million (-1.5%) year-on year, resulting from the deconsolidation of the Livingly Media and Gofeminin.de businesses on a full-year basis, and of the Unify Publishers business over the last quarter of 2022. It was stable on a constant structure basis. On the other hand, revenue from other Group activities totalled €838.9 million, an increase of €106.4 million year on-year (+14.5%), driven by the excellent performance of Newen Studios, particularly in the third quarter.

Current operating profit came to €316.2 million, down €27.0 million year-on-year. It increased by €2.5 million without taking into account the broadcaster’s tax credit allocated in 2021 for Covid-194. Group current operating margin was 12.6%.

Operating profit came to €301.2 million, including €15.0 million in non-recurring expenses related to the cancelled proposed merger between TF1 and M6. Net profit attributable to the Group was €176.1 million, down €49.2 million year-on-year. It includes losses for the financial year as well as liquidation losses related to the closing of the Salto platform amounting to €46.1 million.

TF1 delivered a solid performance in 2022, thanks to a premium, events-driven line-up and a popular news offering, in a year marked by major political, international and sports events. Against a backdrop of heightened competition, especially from 24-hour news channels, TF1 maintained its leadership on commercial targets. In 2022, TF1 achieved an audience share of 33.6% among W<50PDM (up 0.1 pt year-on-year) and 30.5% among 25-49-year-olds (up 0.3 pt year-on-year).

In 2022, the channel held 77 of the top 100 ratings among individuals aged 4+, 81 of the top 100 ratings among W<50PDM and 90 of the top 100 ratings among 25-49-year-olds, thanks to its extensive and diverse line-up. In 2022, TF1 was the only channel to attract more than 7 million viewers across all genres.

In 2022, TF1 Group achieved promising results with its MYTF1 free streaming platform. At end-December 2022, MYTF1 recorded more than 26 million monthly catch-uppers, and had the 30 best replays with HPI in first place (and an additional 2.1 million viewers via the platform).

The Newen Studios segment posted revenue of €427.9 million at end-December 2022, a sharp increase of €92.3 million year-on-year (+27.5%). This increase includes organic growth of €46.0 million (+13.7%). The segment delivered a solid performance in Q4 2022, with revenue up by €14.3 million (+12.4% vs. 2021).

In 2022, business at Newen Studios benefitted from the delivery of prestigious productions such as "Liaison" for Apple TV+ and "Marie-Antoinette" for Canal+. In addition, Newen Studios continued its international growth with the aim of developing its skills. In July 2022, Newen acquired an equity interest in the British studio Rise Films which strengthens its presence in documentaries and in October 2022, Newen Studios acquired the Anagram studio (Sweden and Norway), which will provide the segment a position in the fast-expanding market of Scandinavian dramas.