Beta Film joins NRK/ZDF in the drama "A Better Man"

It is created by multi-award-winning writer/director Thomas Seeberg Torjussen. Beta will first present A Better Man at MIPCOM this fall. 

19 APR 2024

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"A Better Man" (4 x 1h) is a dramatic yet heartwarming series from the German company Beta Film, which is being shot in Norway and Lithuania. Produced by Norwegian production company Maipo Film for NRK and ZDFneo, it is created by multi-award-winning writer/director Thomas Seeberg Torjussen. Beta will first present the series at MIPCOM this fall. 

The title tells the story of Tom who runs his mother’s clothing store by day; but by night, he trolls the internet against feminists. Until enraged hackers expose his identity, forcing him to disguise himself as a woman, which turns his life upside down. Scared, alone, homeless, and devoid of his online world, he experiences compassion and warmth from strangers. Live, on the other hand, becomes obsessed with Tom when the police suggest he may have committed suicide. She feels responsible. All the while Tom transitions from a despicable caterpillar into an outrageous trans-butterfly, eventually blossoming into a better Man.
Thomas Seeberg Torjussen, creator, writer, and director addressed the postmodern concepts present in the series: “'A Better Man' is a captivating series that explores the complexities of modern life, touching on issues like gender identity, online culture, and social isolation. It follows Tom's transformative journey from a place of solitude and misunderstanding to one of empathy and connection. Through its unique blend of humor and poignant storytelling, the series invites viewers to reflect on the power of redemption and the human capacity for change," highlighted.
Anaïs de Neergaard, VP International Sales & Acquisitions Beta Film mentioned that the series aligns with the strategy of presenting audiences with meaningful stories: “Joining 'A Better Man' showcases our dedication to bringing content that is both compelling and engaging to the market. Written and directed by ‘Zombielars’ creator Thomas Seeberg Torjussen, this limited series offers a fresh take on identity and connection in the digital age, blending humor with serious contemporary topics. Promoting empathy and personal growth, 'A Better Man' perfectly aligns with our goal of delivering stories that really matter to our audiences," explained.