10 Lives Productions unveils the voice cast for animated comedy "10 Lives"

Mo Gilligan, Simone Ashley, Sophie Okonedo, Zayn Malik And Dylan Llewellyn will participate in the movie that GMF Animation will be presenting at the forthcoming American Film Market.


Dylan Llewellyn


10 Lives Productions announced the voice cast for CG animated family comedy "10 Lives", Mo Gilligan ("That’s My Jam"), Simone Ashley ("Bridgerton"), Sophie Okonedo ("Hotel Rwanda"), Zayn Malik (MTV Award) and Dylan Llewellyn ("Derry Girls") star the movie.
"10 Lives" is the story of a pampered & selfish cat who takes for granted the lives he has been dealt. After carelessly losing his ninth life he begs to be given a second chance, an opportunity to show he can learn from his mistakes.

Mo Gilligan voices Beckett, a pampered feline with a taste for fine food and lazy days who doesn’t know what’s about to hit him when he begs for a new set of lives; Simone Ashley voices Rose, a dedicated and passionate research student intent on saving the world’s bee population. Living a studious and happy life in the English countryside, Rose’s heart is stolen when she unexpectedly finds herself adopting a small, defenceless kitten who she calls Beckett. The pair soon settle down to a life of reciprocal comfort and she is heartbroken when one day he disappears, seemingly into thin air.

Sophie Okonedo voices Grace, an ethereal yet no-nonsense woman with the power to grant Beckett his new set of lives; Zayn Malik voices two characters, Kirk and Cameron, twin brothers who like to think they are as tough as they come but who deep down want nothing more than to please their mum; and Dylan Llewellyn will voice Larry, Rose’s socially uncomfortable lab partner.

The film is directed by Chris Jenkins ("Duck Duck Goose") and produced by Guy Collins and Sean Feeney for 10 Lives Productions, with casting by Robyn Klein and Jeremy Ross. GFM Animation will be presenting first look footage at the forthcoming American Film Market. The animation studio is L’Atelier Animation in Montreal.