Abacus Media Rights to manage distribution rights of Sci-Fi Thriller "Pulse"

The distributor has partnered with European Executive Producer Media Musketeers to globally distribute the survival horror series.




Abacus Media Rights has partnered with European Executive Producer Media Musketeers to globally distribute survival horror series "Pulse" (6x60’) excluding Africa, Spain, Latin America and The Caribbean. The series is currently in production in Mauritius and is due for delivery in the 2nd quarter 2022.

Jonathan Ford, Managing Director at AMR comments, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Media Musketeers on this. With such a talented team of creatives on board, 'Pulse' is set to be a dynamic and powerful rollercoaster of a horror story.  Its contemporary setting coupled with a futuristic storyline is sure to have global appeal across multiple demographics.”  

Andy Docherty, Managing Partner at Media Musketeers, adds, “Working with Jonathan and the team at Abacus will be invaluable in helping us as we roll out this exciting new project to the widest possible audience.”

The series is set in present-day Johannesburg, where the ‘Pulse’ video game designers are scrambling to get the newly funded re-boot of their classic game finished. Life imitating art soon becomes reality when an electromagnetic wave hits their building. The pulse fries everything electrical and digital, but also alters the bioelectric signals in people's minds. A world now reduced to flame, toxic smoke and darkness, total lockdown and collective paranoia takes over. Geeks are turned into freaks, and no one is riding to the rescue. Just like in the game they designed, the only way out is to use their collective skills and special abilities to battle floor by floor through mayhem, madness, and murder to escape.

"Pulse" is produced by Primetime Emmy® award-winning Steve Lanning ("Superman", "The Omen") and directed and produced by award-winning Sallas de Jager ("Varraaiers"), with other series producers including Jake Lanning, Ben Lanning and Potego Matseke. Steve Lanning also acts as Executive Producer.