Banijay Rights teams up with Topkapi, NTR, BNNVARA for "Elixer"

The eight-part new drama will air on Nordic public broadcasters NRK, DR, SVT, RUV and Yle, well as ZDF Germany and VRT in Belgium.

27 JUN 2023

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Banijay confirmed Dutch scripted label Topkapi's partnership with NTR, BNNVARRA and Banijay Rights on a new drama," Elixer," discussing the pharmaceutical industry.

Through the Creative Europe Programme, "Elixer" will air on Nordic public broadcasters NRK, DR, SVT, RUV and Yle, well as ZDF Germany and VRT in Belgium. Production on the eight-part series, directed by Dana Nechushtan (Holland’s Hoop) is currently underway, and is set to air on NPO1 in 2025. The title will be filmed until November and is set to broadcast on NPO 1 in 2025.

Elixer was made possible with the support of NPO, NPO-fonds, the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union, the Netherlands Film Production Incentive, Screen Flanders, Belgian Tax Shelter, and Limburg Film Fonds, in co- production with Menuetto.“The co-production model of Elixer brings together partners from multiple Europe markets, and we see this growth as the next step in our international ambitions," Frans van Gestel, Producer and Partner at Topkapi said. "This tale of caution around the pharma industry is universal and all-too relatable, and we expect audiences across the eight countries who contributed to the show will be intrigued and engaged.”

Led by producers Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, and Laurette Schillings, Topkapi is credited with a wide range of local and international titles, including "Childhood Dreams" which was selected for Cannes Series earlier this year. Successful co-productions include "Another Round" (Druk), "Instinct," "Bumperkleef," "Piece of my Heart," "Girl," "Benedetta," "Goodbye Stranger," as well as major historical dramas "Vliegende Hollanders" and "De Droom van de Jeugd."  The award-winning production company is part of Banijay Belelux’s line-up of scripted labels, including NL Film and Endemol Shine Scripted.

Written by Maaik Krijgsman in collaboration with Jaap Peter Enderlé, Franky Ribbens and Luca Izeboud, "Elixer" tells the story of Isabelle Rombauts, played by Hanna Verboom, as she is unexpectedly appointed the CEO of the family-owned company Rombauts Pharma, a prominent player in the international pharmaceutical market. Soon, she is confronted with serious malpractices and must weigh her own conscience against the interests of her influential family. A world full of intrigue, power struggles, and despair within the pharmaceutical industry unfolds."Elixer is a drama told from the perspective of powerful individuals in the big pharma industry," Dana Nechushtan, Director, said. "We delve into the minds of those responsible: CEOs, doctors, and politicians, emphasising the dubious practices which, at times, are too vast and abstract to comprehend. At the same time, this story is a personal and intimate one."