Be-Entertainment titles continue to score strong numbers in Belgium

Hit series like "The Way Out"; "Going Once, Going Twice"; "The Big Job Switch" and "The Musical Of Your Life" have been renewed for new seasons on VTM and Play4.

19 MAR 2024

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Be-Entertainment's existing titles continue to score strong numbers in Dutch-speaking Belgium. The prime time family entertainment hit "The Way Out" which fifth season is currently airing on VTM, has captured a consolidated 36.3% (PRP 18-44) average market share after four episodes.

The third season of "Going Once, Going Twice", the ultimate celebrity collectibles competition, launched last week in primetime. The first episode achieved an average market share of 26.5% (PRP 18-44, Live +7), exceeding the channel average market by 32%.

The second season of the life-changing social experiment "The Big Job Switch", in which five individuals resign from their jobs and a group of experts search for their ideal job, launched last week in second prime, capturing a consolidated 27% (PRP 18-44) average market share, an increase of +34% vs the channel average.

On Play4, the celebrity tribute studio entertainment show "The Musical Of Your Life" reached an average share of 34.2% (PRP 18-44 consolidated) in the third series, increasing +185% the channel’s average market share.

Following the successful launch in Belgium on VTM, local versions of "Destination X", created and produced by Geronimo, were announced for the UK (BBC), the US (NBC), followed by France (M6) and Germany (Prosieben). The most recent announcement came from The Netherlands, where RTL4 signed up for "Destination X". In home country Belgium in the meantime, work has begun on season two.

Just six months down the road, the format is gearing up for more. Aside from the six broadcaster commissions already in place, budget negotiations are ongoing in eight additional territories.

"Destination X" is a larger-than-life adventure reality competition, in which 10 contestants embark on the road trip of a lifetime. They board the innovative Destination X Bus, where nothing is what it seems. Not only do the windows on the bus have black-out blinds, reality is regularly tweaked to mislead the contestants as well as the viewers at home. Every bit of information always comes with a clue designed to help the contestants and viewers decide if they can trust what they see. They need to be on top of their game at all times because at the end of each episode, every contestant needs to mark where they think they are. The contestant who places their X furthest away from the actual location has to leave the game and, alas, loses their chance to win a cash prize.

Says Be-Entertainment MD Gepke Nederlof: “So exciting to have seen ‘Destination X’ develop from a great idea on paper several years ago, into the international brand it has already become even in such a short amount of time. We’re thankful for all those international partners that are eager to embark on this adventure together with us and are looking forward to announcing more deals soon.”