Be-Entertainment to globally distribute "Daredevils" reality competition format

The programme was created and produced by PIT and it is set to launch on VTM2 in Belgium on May 31st.




Be-Entertainment will distribute the new reality competition format "Daredevils" (local title: "De Grootste Lefgozer") that is set to launch on VTM2 in Belgium on May 31st. The programme was created and produced by PIT, the team behind the internationally successful format "Make Your Country Great Again".

On the show, eight courageous contestants, both men and women, fight to become the nation’s biggest Daredevil in order to win a 10,000 Euros cash prize. They’re all self-proclaimed ‘Daredevils,’ diehard adrenaline junkies who claim they’re game for absolutely anything! They live, eat and sleep together for two weeks to find out who has no fear and who has the best bluffing skills.

In every episode, they have to take on one mind-blowing mental challenge, and one extreme physical test. The two contestants with the least points after these challenges take each other on for an all-decisive endurance challenge. The winner will stay in the house and is still in the competition to become the biggest Daredevil of them all.