Be-Entertainment's "Destination X" dutch version is set to launch on RTL4

The program will be premiered next Friday in a key primetime slot and it will be hosted by well known actor Nasrdin Dchar.

7 MAY 2024

"Destination X"

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After a strand of international commissions of the format were announced in Belgium last year following the premiere on VTM, the Dutch version of "Destination X", distributed by Be-Entertainment and produced by Villain Studios, is now set to launch next Friday in a key primetime slot on RTL4. Viewers in The Netherlands will be treated to 10 episodes of mindblowing gameplay against the backdrop of amazing European scenery, hosted by well known actor Nasrdin Dchar.

In "Destination X", 10 contestants embark on the road trip of a lifetime. They board the innovative Destination X Bus, where nothing is what it seems. Not only do the windows on the bus have black-out blinds, reality is regularly tweaked to mislead the contestants as well as the viewers at home. Every bit of information always comes with a clue designed to help the contestants and viewers decide if they can trust what they see. They need to be on top of their game at all times because at the end of each episode, every contestant needs to mark where they think they are. The contestant who places their X furthest away from the actual location has to leave the game and, alas, loses their chance to win a cash prize.

"Destination X" is created and produced by the Belgian production company Geronimo ("The Big Job Switch") other five versions of the program, including American, British and German adaptations, are currently in different stages of production, marking a total of seven commissions for the format. In Belgium, its home territory, a second season is in the works.