Be-Entertainment to globally represent "The Big Bang" family entertainment format

From "The Way Out" creators, the physical and fun celebrity obstacle show is soon to air on SBS6 in The Netherlands and VTM in Belgium.

7 SEP 2023

"The Big Bang"

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Be-Entertainment announces the global representation of the family entertainment format "The Big Bang", from "The Way Out" creators Roses are Blue. The first season of this physical and fun celebrity obstacle course, co-created between Roses are Blue, Talpa Concepts and VTM, is soon to air on SBS6 in The Netherlands and VTM in Belgium.

Following the success of "The Way Out", for which Roses are Blue is producing a fourth and fifth season this year for both SBS6 and VTM respectively, the Coppens brothers have come up with this completely new format that is equally innovative and hilarious.

"The Big Bang" sees three celebrity duos challenged to execute a series of exciting assignments in the studio all around popping balloons. They will enter the game arena in a race against time to get through the obstacle course in three entertaining rounds, with the ultimate goal: being the first duo to cause ‘The Big Bang’ by popping a giant balloon in the finale.

Be-Entertainment MD Gepke Nederlof: “We are very happy to start this fall season with a bang, taking this fun physical family entertainment format out internationally!”