The popular escape room format has now been commissioned by OSN and represents the fifth local adaptation of the program including Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.


"The Way Out"


After the announcement of a local series in Denmark, Be-Entertainment's popular escape room format "The Way Out" has now been commissioned by OSN for a Middle Eastern adaptation. The ME version is already being produced in Belgium, where Be-Entertainment teamed up with Roses are Blue, the prolific creators and producers of the format, to set up a production hub.

The Middle East marks the fifth local adaptation of the hit program including Belgium (VTM - 3 series), the Netherlands (SBS6), Belgium (RTBF-French-speaking) and the recently announced Denmark (TV2). In addition to these straight-to-series commissions, Be-Entertainment has also closed option deals in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

In each episode, two different celebrity duos are sent into two identical rooms full of mysteries to be solved. Their aim is to figure out the scientific experiments and unravel the codes, as every test or assignment they complete provides them with a clue. Each of these clues brings them a step closer to becoming the first duo to find ‘The Way Out’. Every week a new adventure room with a completely new world and story is explored and conquered.  

Says Be-Entertainment MD Gepke Nederlof: “With only limited spots available in the production hub this summer, we're currently trying to find a way to facilitate the production process for all countries currently eager to bring the success of ‘The Way Out’ to their local market. It’s a mathematical challenge I’m confident we’ll solve.”