Beta Film picks up Latvia’s "Soviet Jeans" ahead of its premiere at SeriesMania

The German distribution company has picked up international distribution rights to the Latvian dramady, winner of three Latvian National Film Awards for Best TV-Show, Best Script, and Best Actor.

19 FEB 2024

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The German distribution company Beta Film has acquired the international rights for the distribution of the Latvian series "Soviet Jeans". The title is produced by the Latvian company Tasse Film, financed by European Regional Development fund and National Film centre of Latvia and co-financed byIt has been produced by GO3 and TV3, both also from Latvia, sponsored by Depo and Orlen Latvia. On the other hand, Beta Film is handling world sales. The eight-parter portraying Riga in the late 1970s will be presented to the industry at the Berlinale Series Market Selects on Monday, February 19, ahead of its international premiere at SeriesMania International Panorama Competition. 

Veronika Kovacova, Beta EVP Sales & Acquisitions, praised the product: "With its nostalgic, humoristic approach, 'Soviet Jeans' caught our attention immediately. It offers a timeless view and hits a totally different tonality compared to most shows about the Soviet era. Based on true events, the series’ ironic exploration of freedom provides a fresh take on the realities of the Cold War.  With a storyline more relevant than ever, I’m certain that Soviet Jeans will fascinate audiences around the globe," she noted.

Based on true stories of the times, Soviet Jeans is set in 1979 Soviet Latvia, when fiercest propaganda against Western culture ran rampant. The young rock music fan Renars Rubenis (Karlis Arnolds Avots) is sent to a mental asylum for political reasons, where he starts illegal production of counterfeit US cult jeans with his inmates. They flood the black market while the KGB tries to discover the people behind the business. 
"Soviet Jeans" showrunners of Soviet Jeans are Stanislavs Tokalovs ("What Nobody Can See", "Lovable", "Everything Will Be Alright") and Teodora Markova ("Under Cover", "Bubblegum"). Stanislavs Tokalovs, Teodora Markova, and Waldemar Kalinowski ("What Nobody Can See", "Lovable") are responsible for the scripts, while Stanislavs Tokalovs also shares directing credits with Juris Kursietis ("Modris", "Oleg"). The series stars Karlis Arnolds Avots ("Lovable", "January"), Aamu Milonoff ("Girl Picture", "Eden", "Sisu", "Utö"), Igors Selegovskis ("Homo Novus", "River of Fear", "Neon Spring"), and Andris Keiss ("Loveless", "Ausma", "Legacy").