31 JUL 2020


Following its brand campaign "Let´s go Virtual" brand strategy, it launches a new corporate message to the International market: "We are +", with which it communicates the positive results they have achieved during this time of challenges for the industry.

31 JUL 2020

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Caracol Televisión has just presented a new corporate message called “We Are +”, which is framed within its “Let´s Go Virtual” brand strategy with its integration into new virtual spaces such as MIPChina, Virtual Screenings, Allrites, Program Buyer and Vuulr.

The Colombian television station has added its creative effort to find new alternatives in the production processes that have allowed it to maintain closeness with its audience, achieving positive results when it comes to positioning its content both on the Colombian screen and internationally.

Recently, "Living To Love" became a global trend, with a catchy soundtrack that has already hit more than 8 million plays, featuring songs like “Cuando Estoy Contigo” and “Maldito Traidor” in Colombia, Spain and the US.

“These challenging times have inspired us to hunt different ways to get closer to our audiences and build on our learnings. That’s our great obsession. To enable new ways for our stories to continue traveling and connecting viewers," said Karen Juliao,  Marketing Director for Caracol International. "The campaign 'We Are +' is a credit to this evolution, to the positive results we conquered, and an invitation to the industry to keep working together,” concluded.