CBS Studios begins filming "Oderbruch" in Germany and Poland

The working title is currently shooting in Görlitz, Germany and will continue filming throughout the summer.

5 MAY 2022

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CBS Studios has began shooting the premium eight-part mystery thriller series "Oderbruch" in Germany and Poland. 

"Oderbruch" is produced by Syrreal Entertainment, ARD Degeto and CBS Studios, a Paramount Global company. Siegfried Kamml, Christian Alvart and Timm Oberwelland from Syrreal Entertainment serve as producers. The executives overseeing the project are Christoph Pellander, editor-in-chief of ARD Degeto; Sebastian Lückel, head of acquisitions and co-productions at ARD Degeto; Patrick Noel Simon, commissioning editor at ARD Degeto; and Meghan Lyvers, senior vice president of international co-productions and development at CBS Studios.

The working title features Karoline Schuch, Felix Kramer and Lucas Gregorowicz, who are currently shooting in Görlitz, Germany. Filming is scheduled to continue through the summer.

The series is shot in Germany and Poland and directed by Adolfo J. Kolmerer and Christian Alvart. Series creator and head writer Arend Remmers developed the series concept with Kolmerer. Joining the cast are André Hennicke, Alix Heyblom, Winfried Glatzeder, Robert Glatzeder and Jan Krauter.

In the series, the sinister discovery of numerous murder victims shocks the Oderbruch region. The former inland delta on the Polish border is the most sparsely populated region in Germany. The serial murder case brings Detective Roland Voit to his hometown to work with Polish police officer Stanislaw Zajak. Voit’s former colleague and childhood sweetheart, Maggie Kring, is also called in to join the police investigation when her family comes under immediate suspicion. Reluctantly, the ex-policewoman returns to the scene of events after leaving her hometown 20 years ago. In their investigation, Maggie and Voit delve deep into their own past to finally uncover the true circumstances about the death of Maggie’s brother and the sinister truth of this case, which lies beyond human imagination.