CJ ENM nominated at Asian Television Awards for “Little Women” and “ISLAND”

"Little Women" was nominated in the Best Drama Series category and "ISLAND" in the Best Original Digital Drama Series.

17 NOV 2023

“Little Women”

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CJ ENM was nominated at the Asian Television Awards (ATA) 2023 for two of its mega hit titles "Little Women" (Netflix Series) in the Best Drama Series category and "ISLAND" in the Best Original Digital Drama Series. In 2021, "Vincenzo" (Netflix Series) won the Best Drama Series in the same award ceremony, representing the ongoing prosperity of CJ ENM.

For the Best Drama Series category, known for its highly selective nomination process and strong competition, CJ ENM’s mega-hit TV series "Little Women" has earned an honorary nomination. Produced by CJ ENM’s production powerhouse Studio Dragon and currently being serviced worldwide on Netflix, the title delivers the story of three sisters who grew up in absolute poverty but with a close bond facing a conspiracy that involves the rich and powerful after discovering the missing 70 billion won. By illustrating multidimensional and independent female figures possessing different perspectives on viewing realistic facets of “Capitalism,” "Little Women" has been highly acclaimed by the public with its unique yet sympathetic narrative. Along with the storyline, the show’s thematic mise-en-scene, directed by the art director Ryu Sung-hee (The Handmaiden").

"ISLAND", which received a formal invitation to the 2023 Cannes International Series Festival this April for the “Rendez-vous” screening session, has been nominated for the Best Original Digital Drama Series category. Also produced by Studio Dragon, the title presents the story of the trio entangled in a strange and mysterious event, fighting unknown demons, on a beautiful island filled with evil darkness. Available on Prime Video globally and CJ ENM-owned streaming platform TVING in South Korea, the title was constantly ranked in the Top 10 on both platforms, highlighting its global panegyric. The show also has been nominated for the Best OTT Original category at the 2023 Asian Academy Awards, proving its unrivaled quality of work.

Sehee Jang, the Head of Global Marketing at CJ ENM, stated, “We are sincerely grateful for all the recognition that these two well-made titles, 'Little Women' and 'ISLAND', have received through the 28th Asian Television Awards nominations. As we continuously aspire to present our mega-hit titles to global fans via multiple streaming platforms, we hope ATA 2023 can be another route where diverse viewers can be exposed to our mega-hit titles.”

Celebrated as one of the most prestigious and biggest award ceremonies in Asia, the Asian Television Awards (ATA) is gearing up for its 28th award show, which will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from January 12th to 13th.