CJ ENM’s "Love Catcher" gets first adaptation in Japan

Produced by Abema as "Love Catcher Japan", the program will be aired on the Abema Special channel on December 16th.


"Love Catcher"


CJ ENM’s reality, dating show "Love Catcher" has been remade in Japan with the production of Abema. "Love Catcher Japan" will be aired on the Abema Special channel on December 16th. Known for its prominent love psychology format and captivating chemistry between the cast, “Love Catcher” has been introduced to Korean viewers since 2018 by Mnet, CJ ENM’s affiliate music channel, and was presented in various locations like Seoul and Bali. Set to choose either love or money, the show conveys the cast’s “basic instinct” and desire affected by personal priorities that viewers can easily sympathize with yet cannot easily address in their social lives.

Planned to broadcast on the Abema Special channel, "Love Catcher Japan" consists of ten men and women spending eight special days together in Malaysia to find true love. With their true identities hidden, the participants begin their journey of discovering a “Love Catcher,” seeking love, and a “Money Catcher” aiming for money. In the end, if the final couple is paired up with “Love Catchers,” true love will bloom, while if a “Love Catcher” and a “Money Catcher” are paired up against each other, the “Money Catcher” wins a prize of 5 million yen. If two “Money Catchers” end up together, their journey ends without love and money.

Regarding the show’s Japanese remake, Jeong Min-seok, the producer of the original version, stated, “It is thrilling and glad to learn that 'love Catcher' has been remade in Japan. I sincerely appreciate the Abema team for understanding and acknowledging the show’s overall concept and value. I believe 'love Catcher Japan' will be successful in Japan, just as it was in Korea.”

“'Love Catcher' has constantly been praised by Korean viewers with its unique and sympathetic concept, filled with visually pleasing elements. Along with 'love Catcher Japan', which we believe will strongly satisfy the Japanese audience, we hope many more titles can be further introduced to our Japanese fans under the partnership with the ABEMA team,” said Sebastian Kim, the Director of International Content Sales at CJ ENM.


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