The winning program is a dating show format for millennials that will be developed with help of Quebecor Content and TF1and Media Ranch will manage production and global distribution.


Sophie Ferron, President and Executive Producer of Media Ranch


Sophie Ferron, President and Executive Producer of Media Ranch announced Alexandra Paquin as the winner of Horsepower’s third edition. The incubation process culminated on July 8th with the presentation of eight virtual "pitches" to the jury made up of 10 representatives of the four partners. The winning format will be the subject of a co-development agreement as well as an international distribution agreement.

The winning Horsepower 3.0 program is a dating show format for millennials.  Creator Alexandra Paquin – a Canadian film student at Concordia University in Montreal - workshopped over a 4-month period with top industry mentors. Quebecor Content and TF1 will provide funding to further develop the format for broadcast and Media Ranch will manage production and global distribution.

Eight finalists (5 women, 3 men) were chosen to participate in Horsepower 3.0 with the goal to create eight fresh formats for broadcast and distribution. Formats created by remaining candidates may also be developed and distributed.  Philip Kalin-Hajdu, Media Ranch's Head of Content & Storytelling provided overall project supervision with input from the company’s Amsterdam-based SVP, Tanja Van der Goes, along with Ferron. During the 16 weeks, the members of Horsepower 3.0 were introduced to the world of TV formats -- the different types of formats, trends in TV markets around the world, and learned to write formats, in concise and effective language.

This edition brought in two new major French partners who joined forces with Horsepower Founders, Media Ranch and Quebecor Content -- TF1 Group, the leader in general-interest television in France and La Fabrique des formats, a “cluster” of innovation, development, and training in the field of formats. Their contribution will enrich the experience of the participants thanks to French industry specialist Julien Degroote, V.P. of Content Development of the TF1 Group, who joined Quebecor Content’s Christine Maestracci, V.P., Acquisitions, & International Distribution.

Julien Degroote of TF1 stated, “One cannot but be more impressed by the caliber and unmistakable universality of many of the formats submitted and we see tremendous potential for the future. We unreservedly share the vision of our partners in Quebec in this regard."

Hayley Babcock, Founder of Hayley Babcock Media Consulting, Horsepower mentor, and global format expert, states: “Media Ranch, and partners TF1, Quebecor Content, and La Fabrique des Formats, are thrilled to name Alexandra Paquin as the HP3 winner. With Covid restrictions adding an extra layer to the process, we had our work cut out for us, but all eight candidates stepped up to deliver incredibly unique Formats and we expect several of them to travel.  HP1 and HP2 Formats have already been optioned in various territories, including the US & Korea. Horsepower presents a truly incredible opportunity to its candidates. Every year they use that opportunity to the fullest. Congratulations are deserved to all involved.”

Philip Kalin-Hajdu of Media Ranch added, “Media Ranch continues to be amazed at the caliber of the untapped emerging talent that is out there. Horsepower, even after three editions, continues to be an enriching experience and proves to be a true incubator of original and viable formats. Media Ranch looks forward to producing an international version of HP in the near future to mine Format talent on a massive global scale.”