Escapade Media to co-produce and distribute "Hacking Evolution – Lionfish"

The Australian company will distribute the PBS film worldwide, except in the United States. Jeff Boedeker secured the commission from PBS, who will broadcast the film on October 2022.


"Hacking Evolution – Lionfish"


Escapade Media has secured rest of world rights, barring the United States, for a new blue-chip natural history documentary "Hacking Evolution – Lionfish" (1x60’ 4K). Production company Orange Frames’, director and writer, Jeff Boedeker secured the commission from PBS, who will broadcast the film on October 12, 2022 with the title "Lionfish Invasion". Orange Frame are producing both a hosted and non-hosted version for the international market.

Natalie Lawley, Managing Director at Escapade Media states “Escapade is very excited to be co-producing this incredible documentary with PBS and Orange Frame, guided by Danni Washington. This film documents how a small action can have truly gigantic effect on our eco-systems, and at a time when climate change is in such focus, 'Hacking Evolution: Lionfish' is a blue-ship documentary for the global audience.”

Jeff Boedeker, Director of Orange Frame comments: “Invasive species like the lionfish are harmful not because of what they are, but instead because of where they happen to be. This story is an opportunity to explore how ecosystems are the result of a millennia of coevolution by life adapting to its environment and each other, and what happens when that process gets short-circuited.”

The invasive lionfish that was unintentionally introduced by humans along the Atlantic Coast and in the Mediterranean, is a tragic example of how sometimes newly introduced species balloon out of control, dramatically altering and sometimes destroying their new environments. Danni Washington, an engaging science communicator with a background in marine biology, takes audiences on a journey into the story of the lionfish, and the deeper scientific questions that explore what it means to be invasive, non-native or native from a greater evolutionary perspective.

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