27 JAN 2021


The Spanish company led by Carlos Fernández and the Argentine producer Pablo Bossi join forces for the distribution of series for television. In addition, they announced that they will develop and produce joint projects.


Filmax, one of Spain's main sales agents, and Gloriamundi Producciones, the Spanish production company of renowned Argentinean producer Pablo Bossi ('Nine Queens', 'Chinese Take-Out' and 'The Hairy Tooth Fairy', among others) have announced they will be joining forces in order to distribute TV series together.

Filmax, with its long history in the world of film, has successfully managed to break into the TV market, with series such as The Red Band Society (2011-2013), one of the highest-selling Spanish formats ever.

Bossi, for his part, has made his small-screen debut as showrunner on several series that have already been produced and released to great acclaim, including "Monzón: A Knockout Blow" (launched by Turner in Latin America and Netflix globally), as well as projects that are in varying stages of development and production, such as "Limbo", now shooting, which was created by Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat and stars Clara Lago, "Mariposas", a series which tells the story of the Mirabel sisters, who were murdered in 1960 by the Trujillo regime in the Dominican Republic and which will star Susana Abaitua ('Patria') and Alberto San Juan ('The People Upstairs'), based on the multi-award-winning and controversial novel by Federico Andahazi, which tells the story of the 16th century physician Matteo Colon, to whom the “discovery” of the clitoris is attributed.

“Within the current global context, in which we are seeing a huge rise in streaming, we are extremely proud to be taking this step with Filmax. We are excited to be taking on new challenges at this time of great opportunity, within an audiovisual business in constant change”, states Pablo Bossi, CEO of Gloriamundi TV.

“We've been working with Pablo Bossi and his team for many years, both producing hit movies, such as The Hairy Tooth Fairy and Turu: The Wacky Hen, and distributing films such as Rosa's Wedding. So now, it gives us great pleasure to be embarking on this exciting project with Gloriamundi TV, where we'll have the opportunity to develop and produce new titles together. We are sure that it will be the beginning of another great adventure, one in which we can share our knowledge and experience, something that will undoubtedly make this partnership a fruitful one”, says Carlos Fernández, CEO of Filmax.

“In a climate in which it is increasingly difficult to retain the international rights to Spanish TV series, this alliance is strategically very beneficial for a company like ours, which sees international sales as one of its priorities. The international TV market is currently extremely dynamic and more interesting than the film market, which is why it's key for Filmax to broaden our catalogue with high-quality, attractive TV content, which we've no doubt will be the product of this new relationship. We are delighted and can't wait to start presenting the first titles at this year's MipTV and LA Screenings,” says Iván Díaz, Head of International at Filmax.