FilmSharks takes global sales and remake rights of “Nine Queens”

Written and directed by the late Fabian Bielinsky, “Nueve Reinas” became the biggest box office hit in Argentina in at least 10 years.


"Nine Queens"


Buenos Aires-based FilmSharks has picked up the global sales and remake rights to 2000 classic “Nine Queens” (“Nueve Reinas”), newly remastered into 4K Ultra HD. The film starring by Ricardo Darin and Gastón Pauls, was written and directed by the late Fabian Bielinsky and became the biggest box office hit in Argentina in at least 10 years.

In “Nine Queens”, Ricardo Darin (“Argentina 1985”) and Gastón Pauls (“Blessed by Fire”), play a pair of scam artists in a sharp, twisted tale of intrigue where one is never sure who’s tricking whom. Juan (played by Pauls) is a young rookie while Marcos (Darin) is seasoned in the art of swindling. One day they are given a chance to get rich quick but have less than 24 hours to pull off the perfect con.

“Nine Queens” was sold out worldwide, with Disney acquiring it for Latin America, Sony Pictures Classics for North America and Lionsgate for the rest of the world. When these rights lapsed, with the exception of Disney’s, which co-owns the film’s production company, Patagonik, FilmSharks pounced on them, including the format rights for a Spanish-language TV series spin-off of which it is in advanced talks with a major player.

“We feel it’s the right moment for the re-release of the restored 4K version as there is a huge appetite for cinema classics,” said FilmSharks CEO Guido Rud, adding: “We have amazing classics in our catalog of the caliber of ‘Nine Queens,’ such as ‘The Aura,’ also by Bielinsky, and dramedy “Son of the Bride” by Oscar winner Juan Jose Campanella, among other gems.” Rud will be attending the American Film Market in Santa Monica, which runs Oct. 31 to Nov. 5.

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