12 ENE 2021


At the ‘Upfront New Globo, New Opportunities’ event, Globo shows the transformations it has undergone with the union of its companies, in addition to new products for 2021.


On January 15th, at 9AM (EST) / 2PM (GMT), Globo will present the virtual event ‘Upfront New Globo, New Opportunities’ to the international market. With some of its main executives, the company - the market leader in Brazil - will show to partners, the press, buyers and other stakeholders the concept of ' Uma Só Globo’, which brought together all its content companies under a single brand in 2020, in addition to the impact on the international market. Guests will also get to know the launches in the portfolio, news about award-winning telenovelas, children's products, lifestyle offers and an overview of the D2C strategy, with Globoplay.

In the midst of challenges in 2020, the need to have quality content available became even clearer. And it is in this context that Globo begins 2021 with a virtual meeting to share one of the most relevant moments in the company's history. The event will include: Paulo Marinho, Executive Director of Networks at Globo; Erick Brêtas, Chief Digital Officer; Raphael Corrêa, Head of International Business; Amauri Soares, Head of TV Globo Network; Daniela Mignani, Head of Factual and Lifestyle Channels; Tatiana Costa, Head of Kids and Entertainment Channels; Fabia Juliasz, Head of Research and Knowledge; and Angela Colla, Head of International Sales.

Globo's new operating format, after the integration of open TV, pay TV, streaming and digital properties, allowed the optimization of resources, identification of synergies between its units and the search for a single culture in favor of the same strategy. The merger also brought the opportunity to organize offers to serve the public throughout their journey, throughout the day.

For the international market, this new phase means the possibility of investing in a more diversified and current content, designed for the demands of the new consumer. Following a movement of active and attentive listening from the whole society, the product portfolio contemplates different segments, narratives, languages, audiences, tastes and behaviors.

During the event, Globo will present details about the new structure, how it thinks its content, more diversified, relevant, competitive and, mainly, coming from all these units. In addition, the company will present the recent movements that strengthened Globoplay - the fastest growing streaming platform in Brazil - and the power of its original works, as well as, the portfolio and its alignment with the main trends in behavior in the world.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the company will present some teasers regarding the news that are coming to the international market in 2021, such as the telenovelas ‘A Mother's Love’ and ‘Run For Your Lives’, in addition to the products ‘Hidden Truths 2’, 'Allies’, among others.

Increasingly connected, ‘Upfront New Globo, New Opportunities’ brings new perspectives in a global context of deconstruction and renewal, showing that good stories are fundamental.

‘Upfront New Globo, New Opportunities’ will be available from January 15th to January 22nd. To follow these launches and learn more about Globo's news in 2021, register at http://bit.ly/3pTycxL.