21 MAY 2021


The company was the second with the highest number of screenings during the event, and the release of “Once We Were Six” was the second most watched production on the platform.


"Where My Heart Is"


Globo was present and stood out during the second edition of the LA Virtual Screenings, an online tradeshow of the content industry that counted on the participation of the top distributors and players worldwide.

Globo’s booth, which presented a wide range of productions among new releases and big hits in telenovelas, series, factual & lifestyle, and kids’ content, was the second with the highest volume of screenings in the event. Not only that, the new emotional telenovela “Once We Were Six” was the second most watched show on the platform. This classic 50-episode family drama, a remake of a big Brazilian literature best seller, was presented in an exclusive showcase.

Another highlight of the LA Virtual Screenings was the telenovela “A Mother’s Love,” a super production released in the beginning of the year, which also ranked among the top 15 most watched contents on the platform. The telenovela tells the story of three women who have their lives intertwined due to their unconditional love for their children.

Furthermore, the company presented to the international market for the first time the Original Globoplay Series “Where My Heart Is,” a drama telling the story of a doctor who resorts to crack as an outlet from the pressures of her life, and the consequences she faces because of this addiction;  and the second season of police thriller “Anti-Kidnapping Unit,” another Globoplay Original Series series pumped with adrenaline depicting the day-to-day of a group of officers of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the late 1990s.