31 MAR 2021


Globo’s telenovelas “El Tiempo No Para” and “El Otro Lado del Paraíso,” and the first season of the kids series “Escuela de Genios,” “Hora del Rock,” and “Valentins” landed on Univision's new streaming service.


"El Tiempo No Para"


Soon after the great success of “Dulce Ambición” in Univision's primetime, now it is the turn of the new Globo productions that have reached PrendeTV, Univision's streaming service, created exclusively for the Spanish audience in the United States with 100% free programming in Spanish, to have a shot at it. The successful telenovelas “El Tiempo No Para,” and “El Otro Lado del Paraíso,” and the first season of the Gloob kid series “Escuela de Genios,” “Hora del Rock” and “Valentins” are among the novelties.

Written by Mario Teixeira and under the artistic direction of Leonardo Nogueira, the telenovela “El Tiempo No Para” shows how amusing is the story of a family frozen in 1886 and that awakens in the current days in the capital of São Paulo. On the other hand, “El Otro Lado del Paraíso,” licensed to 85 countries, tells the romantic and passionate love story between Clara and Gael.

For the kids, the series “Escuela de Genios” brings the story of Isaac, a public-school student who is invited to attend a school for students with special abilities, and the adventures with his friends. Furthermore, the animation “Hora del Rock” tells the story of four very unpopular kids: Fred, Bea, Duda and Chewie, who are part of a very peculiar gang: they only play video game instruments. Lastly, “Valentins” tells the story of the four sons of the scientists Alice and Artur, who live in a house with the family in pre-internet times.