30 ABR 2021


Story about the appreciation of life is airing on TV3 Life, after the success of "Sweet Diva" in the channel, a story registered an average share of 7.3% - which is 92% higher than the channel's average share.


Another Globo hit, the telenovela "A Life Worth Living" has just premiered in Latvia through the channel TV3 Life, and is on air from Monday through Friday, at 3:50 PM slot. The Brazilian telenovela is the successor of "Sweet Diva", another Globo production that came to an end with high ratings in the channel

In 'A Life Worth Living', the lead character Paloma (Grazi Massafera) is an ambitious and dreamer woman who raises her three children on her own. After being a victim of a switchover of exams, her life makes a complete turnaround believing that she only has six months left in life. This will lead her to meet Alberto (Antonio Fagundes), a millionaire, owner of a book publishing house who never valued his family. Over time, they have built a friendship capable of providing a new meaning to the life of both, having as main link the passion for literature.

Written by Rosane Svartman and Paulo Halm, 'A Life Worth Living' stands out when bringing to viewers a story about appreciation of life through a narrative that makes the audience identify itself with the story. "This production portrays a lot about paying attention, even in the face of a tiring daily life, to important things that can pass unnoticed, such as a hug to a person you love or a compliment to someone. This is noticing the other," Roseane, the author, remarks. "A telenovela is a vast dialog with the society. We want people to think about their lives, about having faith or not." she completes.

"It is worth highlighting that 'A Life Worth Living' wants us to remember that life is to be lived every minute, that each moment is precious and unique. It is a high-spirited telenovela. We will talk about death, but as an anthem to life, with a message for you to live without fear, dreads or apprehensions, with bravery", the written Paulo Halm explains.

Aired in 2019 in Brazil and launched in the international market in 2020, the telenovela reached 36 million viewers daily in Access primetime. 'A Life Worth Living' is also currently on air in Teledoce (Uruguay), where it is the audience leader in its slot, keeping an average of 18.3 rating points among the 18-49 years audience since its premiere. And in Portugal, it was also the leading show among dramas, reality shows, sports and news in the Pay TV. 'A Life Worth Living' is written by Rosane Svartman and Paulo Halm, and under artistic direction of Luiz Henrique Rios and the general direction of Marcus Figueiredo.