19 DEC 2019


Latin Media Corporation has acquired three new titles to be distributed in the región.

19 DEC 2019

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In a deal confirmed during the 2019 Asia TV Forum in Singapore, GMA Worldwide entered into another partnership with Latin Media Corporation (LMC) to distribute three of its dramas in Latin America.

Among the titles acquired by LMC is the suspense drama “The Gift” (50x45’ approx.) starring GMA’s top talent, Alden Richards. It tells the story of Joseph (Richards) who becomes a clairvoyant after a near-death experience. The series is among GMA’s primetime hits for 2019.

LMC also acquired distribution rights for the crime dramas “For Love Or Money” (45x45’), and “The Silent Thief” (45 x 45’). “For Love Or Money” tells the story of a wife who sacrifices her dignity to raise blood money and save her husband from the death row in the Middle East. "The Silent Thief" is about a mother’s desperate efforts to find her kidnapped son.

“The Gift”, For Love Or Money, and The Silent Thief will be showcased by Latin Media in the 2020 edition of NATPE Miami on January 21-23.

The ratings success of GMA dramas in Latin America including "The Heart Knows" ("Un Corazon Especial") and "The Way To Your Heart" ("El Amor Mas Grande") raised the demand for Filipino content in the region. The new deal between GWI and LMC hopes to further satisfy this demand with dramas that viewers can relate to and boost ratings for its broadcasters.